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Saccustoma dependem

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One Carrum species has a specialized relationship between the different stages of its life.  The sessile adult form produces a unique nectar/milk-like substance that it excretes from the end of its gill-tail for its mobile offspring to feed on.  In fact, this is the only thing that the species’ mobile forms can digest; they fill their pouch-like mouth with the nectar-milk and swallow it as needed while they run rampant in radial spokes out from their parent, mating with any unrelated members of the species they come across.  When it comes time for the mobile adult to metamorphose into a sessile one, it fills its pouch with as much nectar-milk as it can carry and runs as far from its parent as its supply allows before becoming a pupa.  As a sessile adult, it will use the genetic material it collected earlier in life to produce eggs that it holds until they hatch.  Sessile Saccustoma dependem adults feed constantly on biosnow (as well as any small animals in it) as they travel slowly in large circles.  This movement pattern keeps their position fairly constant, allowing their offspring to have an easier time of finding their way back.

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