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A class of Epimethian animals have formed a symbiotic relationship with microbes in their gut that produce hydrogen as a metabolic waste product.
One family of these animals stores and compresses this hydrogen in lung-like organs on their back, for later expulsion along extended tubes and ignition by biologically generated electricity, allowing these Epimethian Dragons to "breathe" fire. Dragons evolved a long flexible sensory stalk to better direct their flame at a target. The adapted and lengthened second pair of operculi possess a "false pallate" like crocodilians of Earth to prevent a backdraft of fire, and a protective transparent membranes can be slid over their eyes when breathing fire. All Epimethian Dragons are predators, each producing an identifying flame pattern (like whale spouts) that they use to hunt in different ways: some simply inflict a series of painful burns on their prey until it dies, others work together to set dry vegetation ablaze and feed on the animals caught in the fire, and a few spew a flamable liquid to not only increase their range to nearly eight meters but also to keep their prey burning for a long time, killing it more effectively.
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dragons basically
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Life on a hyperoxic planet sure gets exciting sometimes, huh?