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Many types of animals fill the Epimethian skies, but the true masters of the air are the Pinnipterids. Perfectly adapted for flight, their skeletons are reduced and hollow but still strong, with spongy (full of air-filled hollows) wings supported by lightweight semi-flexible rods. Though unable to compete with the speed of Jetbirds, Pinnipterids are able to utilize changes in air pressure and flow to their greatest advantage thanks to the skin on their wings being full of sensory nerves. There are over a thousand species of Pinnipterids, living in virtually every environment and the vast majority of them being carnivorous.
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I love that all of these awesome and different creatures evolved from a frog that stuck its head in the ground 
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Well, common ancestors, but I appreciate the sentiment :)
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excellent use of variation.
very great clade, this.
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love these guys! i really enjoy the displayed diversity! :)