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Megas dil and Tacas indicator

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Megas dil is one of the larger and more powerful of Suchids (and unusually active for its kind), but most of its senses are very poor, leaving it with only an average sense of hearing. On its own, it would starve, but it has formed a symbiotic relationship with another animal not able to feed itself on its own. Tacas indicator is a carnivorous Pinnipterid that is too slow and not agile enough to prey on small animals like Entomins and too small and weak to hunt larger prey, but it doesn't have to be. It spends most of its time searching for large animals, then it returns to its Suchid partner and guides it to the prey animal with loud chirps. Once close enough to attack without aid, the Suchid easily overpowers the prey animal, and then it and its flying partner enjoy a plentiful meal. These two animals have been in sybiosis long enough for their mating seasons to have synchronized, and each pairing even produces the same number of eggs that hatch at just about the same time. So, every individual Dilosuchid is paired with a Seeker Taca from almost the moment they were born.
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i love this concept ;) Symbiosis FTW!!! 
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whoaaaaa thats cool.
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cool and extraterrestrial honey badgers and honeyguides! bravo!
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These Suchid creatures are amazing although i would've liked to see more armor on them
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