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The Macropedidae Family of Bulorespis is designed for wading, with long, thin legs that end in points rather than toes, and the lung-tail is held above the main body.  While most simply tiptoe through the shallows with their body held above the surface to pluck prey from the water, the paraglossae of some species have evolved into a net of filaments, which allows them to filter plankton from the water’s surface.  However, not all Macropedidae live in the water; forging a path through deep biosnow is hard work for any animals that aren’t designed for it.  The species that live here search the largely barren plains day and night for any small animals to eat.

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Do they have eyes?
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Yes, though they are colored to blend with the skin.  Basically, if you follow the body down from a nostril, you'll find a bulge (an organ devoted to hearing) and directly beneath that will be an eye.