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Liquivores are a class of Labicuculians that feed only on non-solid, nutrient-rich foods like sap, Epimethian nectar-jelly, and blood. All have strong, flexible ring-lips and tongues to aid in lapping or sucking up these liquid foods. Those with stronger jaws and teeth either tear off plant skins to get at the sap, or prey parasitically on larger animals (only those with haemoglobin in the blood, not haemocyanin), while those with weaker, thin and pointed jaws stick to boring into softer parts of plants or feeding from their floral growths.
It is worth noting that Liquivores are the only Labicuculians to use a set of their lip-hood flaps exclusively to channel sound into their ears.
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I don't think you even went strange enough with these! Seems like most are climbers, so they should have big hooked claws and long fingers and toes. The bark tearers should have mighty incisors/beaks, the nectar drinkers should have very long snouts and should be very lightweight to be able to position themselves in alignment with the flowers. How do they escape predators: camouflage? Jumping? Natural poison? It's a great idea and you made great designs, I just think it could have gone further.
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I thought that I'd just go with squirrel-like paws for these little climbers. The bark-tearer does have a gripping set of strong semi-fused teeth, it's just not visible at the angle of the picture. The nectar drinkers don't need very long snouts; Epimethian plants don't have floral structures quite like those on Earth, they're more like sponges or gill-like/book-lung-like structures, and most are supported by fairly strong appendages.
Most Liquivores rely on a combination of inconspicuous size (able to hide easily) and rudimentary camouflage.
Thanks for the feedback! :)
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