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Large Cilliderms

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Large Cilliderms are adaptable and intelligent, with complex communication patterns incorporating scent, sounds, and posture/sign (most involving highly expressive ear-flaps), and also have bright patches of fur for display, and their pelt changes color with the seasons. They can open nasal flap to enhance their sense of smell, and have flexible joints for a myriad of activities including swimming, running, climbing, digging, etc. Most Large Cilliderms have a long tail that can be broadened by fanning the bones in it, and can be used to enhance display or just help to provide swimming propulsion. Others have almost no tail at all, but have patches of brightly colored quills for display and defense. And a few species simply have a long bushy tail that is used for communication in their larger and more complex social groups.
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Doing they look a bit too much like mammals
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For a moment they reminded me of dogs
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how large can they get ?
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Those on Pleona are larger than most Cilliderm species, but rarely more than 50 kg. Epimethius is currently 'ruled' by the large radials and Labicuculians, so Cilliderms haven't had that much opportunity for variation and expansion.
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So its like Darwin's natural selection ? If one species takes over than the other species are affected by it; such as size.
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I'm so smart * gives thumbs up with weird face*I am a dummy! Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
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they have interesting noses! :D
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