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The third and final type of hydrogen-producers are the Jetbirds. They pump the hydrogen into chambers where it is compressed for later use in combustion. But unlike Epimethian dragons, Jetbirds direct their combustion toward their rear, where it is forcefully expelled through a joint opening to provide thrust for flight, lift being gained through the agling of their wings. This type of flight is very biologically expensive, so most flights are very short but very fast (mostly only from one food source to the next) and many physical compromises have been made to enable it (i.e. reduction of bone mass into thin and lightweight bands, loss of limb use for locomotion like butterflies, incorporation of weight-reducing air sacks into anatomy, etc.).
All Jetbirds have excellent senses that enable them to pinpoint their next meal. In the case of most small species, that would be small radial flyers which they hunt all through the daylight hours. Larger species are omnivorous, preying on whatever animals or plants are most convenient. But the largest Jetbirds are strictly carnivores, typically knocking their prey off of the mountain ledges they call home, then scavenging the carcass.
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Awesome creatures!!!!
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these critters are so sweet! :D great concept!