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Members of the Family Epidexus are relatively physically similar species that range from browsers to grazers, and all live in large herds that migrate along age-old routes to the best feeding grounds as the seasons and their biological needs change.  When the herds reach their traditional breeding grounds, the rut begins and the animals’ antlers grow faster and become vibrantly colored.  Epidexus species are actually named for their antlers, for they have the largest and most exquisitely patterned reproductive display appendages of all Odifauna.  There are surprisingly few similarities in the antlers of closely related species, even those within the same Genus ranging from a few large blue plate-like surfaces to a plethora of yellow branching rods or spikes.  Once the rut of a species ends and all individuals are assigned their female or male reproductive roles, the antlers that they shed are so abundant that other species gather alongside the herds specifically to feast on the nutrient-rich, skin-based appendages.

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brilliant (literally and figuratively)

and it makes sense - sexual selection would widen the differences in antlers of related species.