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Deinodinae Life Cycle



The Bulbocula Class makes up the bulk of large animals on Odin’s surface. The articulate mouthparts of their ancestors have evolved into limbs whose primary purpose is locomotion.  And they have adapted what were once sensory tendrils into feeding paraglossae.

The Deinodinae Order is the most diverse of Bulbocula orders, the members ranging from large, lumbering grazers to small, dexterous foragers.  Their life cycle has four stages: egg, nymph, mobile adult, pupa, and sessile adult.  Eggs hatch and release nymphs, which are relatively solitary, and hide amidst the low foliage of Odinian forests or in the crags of Labyrinth floors.  When they become larger with keratinous armor plates in their skin and their eyes transition from static bulbs to mobile stalks (ideal for keeping a constant watch in various directions), they join herds of mobile adults as they wander their territories.  Eventually, they metamorphose into pupae, which are covered in large, stiff scales that serve as protection as they become sessile adults.  These feed on biosnow with sweeping tendrils (changed from paraglossae) and scatter eggs that they produce around themselves; most defend the eggs by emitting foul-smelling chemicals that deter most potential predators.

Mobile adult Deinodids have the most astounding of mating display appendages, growing large, ornately shaped, and beautifully colored antlers for the rut, and then shed them when they are no longer needed.  The specimens in the following illustrations are portrayed at the peak of their species’ mating season.

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awesome concept! especially the part about the sessile adults protecting the eggs!