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One family of the Mandiblae class is characterized by the powerful digits armed with sticky pads and gripping claws that enable them to climb even the slickest of surfaces with ease. These animals are live in a range of habitats and have a wide variety of diets. Some cling to the underside of Liliforms, luring small flyers close and snapping them up, while a few simply chip away at the living tissues of Pilian plants. Small omnivorous species are quick, practically running on vertical surfaces. In contrast, some large, mountain-dwelling species are able to slow down their body's activity so much that they can literally freeze over during the winter without consequences to wait for the spring thaw. There are even a few that do very little climbing whatsoever, living in vast open regions like Down Plains; being vulnerable has forced them to come up with a risky but surprisingly effective defense mechanism: curling up and mimicking a rock until the danger is gone.
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you're welcome!