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Members of the Carrum Family are slung low to the ground with sprawling legs that are flung back and forth to run.  They have elongated heads and highly specialized paraglossae suited to their stringent diets.  Flagebuchus species possess extremely extendible paraglossae that they fling out to snag flying Schitzonervids on the sticky end.  Myabuchus live on forest floors, waiting in perfect stillness with their broad and flat fused mouthparts laid on the ground, waiting for small animals to wander across them only to be crushed against the plate on the front of their body.  Radubuchus have paraglossae covered in tiny spines, which they use to scrape Vestis ‘mosses’ from rock faces.  And Cribrum species use their pouch of fused paraglossae to scoop up and strain plankton-filled water.

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looks like a cross of a frog and a beetle! awesome! :D
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you're welcome!