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Amotia (Uffs)

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An entire Family of Deinodids spends most of its life in a form partway between a mobile and sessile adult, emerging from a very brief pupa stage (which follows the nymph rather than mobile adult stage) with their main body being thick and flowing smoothly into their lung-tail which is held above the main body.  Their legs have adapted to allow them to crawl along even in this awkward body position, the forelegs used to pull the body forward and the rear legs are short and used to support most of the body’s weight.  Some Amotia species (common name: Uffs) that live in colder regions bury themselves and hibernate until conditions are more preferable.  Others produce a specialized nectar-like fluid that other animals feed on, symbiotic relationships being formed that provide the participating Uffs with a degree of protection from predators.

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