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History: Creation and Separation

While the world was still young, two creators, brothers, bringing light to the darkness, they roamed around the realm.They wanted to bring it to life, to grow and become beautiful.
So one, the first, the eldest, walked the earth, and created the land and the plants and and the beauties within the earth.

While the second, the younger, created the sky and the water and the nature within the water.
After a while, the Second creator sat on the bank of the water he had made, playing with the mud, forming it into many shapes. Placing some shapes in the water he thought, as they floated, how fun it would be if they were alive, like the plants, but could think for themselves. Calling the Elder creator, his brother, over he told him about his idea.
The First Creator smiled at the thought, and together they created the fish. The Second Creator told the first, “You should try, and design a creature yourself!” After sitting down for awhile, thinking he formed a creature out of the mud. “Hm,” he said “I think I have made what I want.” Bringing it to life, he called it a cat. Being the first creature he made himself, he grew fond of the felines. The brothers did not stop their of course. They created every sort of creature you can think of. From sharks, to deer, to birds. From bats, to bettles, to sponges.

After a few days of this, the Elder picked up a mud figure next to his brother and asked “oh? What is this?”
The Younger brother quickly snatched it back eyes wide, before growing sheepish. “W-well….” He started
“Oh come on, spit it out!” The his brother laughed.

“Well brother…you see, as much as I love what we have made…” He looked at the crude mud doll he had in his grasp, the first of all the mud dolls he made. “I long to make us! Who can think, and talk and dance and love and create!”

The older sat there, listening, a bit surprised.
“You wish to make some like us?” He paused. “I see. Well, if this is what you want then this will be who shall Inhabit our Earth next.” He smiled, causing his brother to brighten up.

“Really?! Thank you brother!” He shouted gleefully.

And with that they created humans.
As time went on, observing these humans, they found they needed some assistance.

“Brother.” Said the Elder creator. “I suggest we create yet one last time to give these humans companions. People to help them. To guide them. People even more like us.”

The Younger creator tilted his head. “I see. I don’t know about you but I am all out of ideas of new creatures to make.”

The First one looked thoughtful. “Why don’t we combine two of our favorite creations?”

The Second brightened up. “That sounds great!”

After thinking for a while the first creator chose his first creation, cats. They were a pride and joy to him.
Meanwhile the second creator thought long and hard and long and hard.., finally he picked what he previously thought long and hard about. “I chose humans!”
Why did he chose humans? Ya see, if these new creatures were meant to aid them, they should be relatable to both the humans and creator. Be on par with them.  And humans were near and dear to his heart as well as his longest project, so of course he took joy in them.

After a time of talking about the qualities needed, the two gods formed their masterpieces, the kitzun. This was a species of humanoids with some features and skills and instincts of a cat. But what really stood out was the fact that this was the first species with any kind of unordinary, extraordinary skill, called Magic.

For years these species grew together, learning, growing, partnering, being happy communities. But as time went on, some humans got jealous and scared of these creatures. They forgot the love and kindness and wanted to only be rid of them, or use them for their own benefits. War broke out. Friend against friend, brother against brother. Many humans tried to protect them, but it was to no avail.

When the gods looked down upon this they grew sad.
“Brother.” Said the younger. “They have turned upon each other. The human’s lust for power and control have driven them to take abhorrent actions. We need to seperate them from the kitzun before they do something irreparable.”  

The elder agreed. “We shall make them a home where they can be safe. Let them roam in and out at will but where humans will never find them. A bubble in space, a pocket world, a….Geo.”

“But they will need help getting there, Guides to help them to protect the, and to lead them when all is done in their new worlds.”

“I know. We shall create five more of them each with a magic unique to them. One’s that will set them apart for the role they must fulfill.”

The younger brother nodded and for a while the two discussed the actions they would take.

The first one made was with the magic named Traum, those often referred to as Memory. She had the ability to capture one’s memories, travel in them, in their dreams, or even copy their own magic. This magic was one of a leader.

The next was the one with the magic called Shíjiān, often called Return. He had the ability to slightly shift it back, or see narrowly into yours.

Following them were the siblings with Týchi and Ατυχία, often known as Fortune and Misfortune. Wherever they go a trail follows them, together they are in balance apart and chaos ensues. These powers are to help guide one onward or stop them in their tracks.

Finally was the one called Ningyō geki, or known as Manipulation. Such is the magic for a Tactician. Should his followers let him he will guide them straight to victory without miscommunication, as they will all be synced.

With these five made and let out into the world, the war end. Kitzun were taken to safety, rebuilding themselves from scratch. As generation went by, kitzun fell into human mythology, and Knacks into Kitzun’s history. They say that the knacks still manifest once in a blue moon, when the world will need them.
Kitzun History: Creation and Seperation
So this is for my :Kitzun-Sectors: group/world i am making for a book.
I hope you all enjoy!

Soon i will draw all 7 beans xD idea's welcome tho for some.


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