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~Peeps in need~

(Don't ask me for those, I'm featuring the ones in need)
EMERGENCY COMMISSIONSI need some money for plane tickets urgently
My deadbeat dad abandoned my family in a foreign country with no money and now we don’t have the money to go back to Brazil.
I’ll be doing $20 full colored commissions (fullbody pony or halfbody humanoid/furry). 

Note me if you’re interested! Spread this around if you can!
Commissions and sales - my cat is in hospitalHi guys,
I really hate being that person because I know so many people play the OMG EMERGENCY NEED MONIES card, but I had to take my cat to the vet today.  
He's got an obstruction and is unable to urinate.  We got him in as soon as the vets office opened this morning but the vet says he needs to stay the whole weekend.  
They will run bloodwork on him to be sure all his levels are okay and then flush the obstruction back into his bladder and hope that he pees whatever was blocking him out normally.  The vet says there is a chance that he will get obstructed again, in which case they'll need to do another flush. Even if things go well, my entire savings will be wiped out by this which I need in order to pay my bills the coming months. The vet said this type of issue generally runs from 500-1000$.  
While I don't expect to be able to make that much, I'd like to try to make as much of it as possible.  
So, my commissions are open: 
I need some money! [OPEN]The study begins soon and it entails financial difficulties. So, you can order art from me! I suggest you a fullbody art with simple shading for 25$ (it's twice cheaper than in my price list!) 

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Please, read my TOS here 0/10 COMMISSION SLOTS OPEN! before order! Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! 
:bademoticon: Additional character +100% price of art
:bademoticon: I`ll decide myself if I will add a BG or not
little star Please, be patient! As I wrote above I'll be busy studying and I haven't much time to draw. little star 
If you want support me or make me happy, buy me a cup of coffee here: 
COMMISSIONS ARE [still] OPENED!Hello, pals! While something horrible is happening in my country and my employer can't pay me my salary I decided to refresh the Commission sheet.
Pre-payment through PayPal.

How commission me?
1. Send me a note with description what would you like to have and references.
2. I'll send a PayPal e-mail and rough sketch, and make any changes you asked, but just once.
3. After this you should send me the full payment.
4. Wait for your art.
5. Get your art before publication. You also can ask for some changes but small ones and once for free. After the first change you ask every next change will be 1-3$ extra.
If I commission a sketch?..

After I tell you I'll draw your commission you send me the full payment. In that case you can ask for 2 chang
<da:thumb id="760472980"/> EMERGENCY Commissions!! (I need $100) (OPEN)Hey, so, my 16yo cousin is pregnant, and the father of the baby is a real ASSHOLE, he has money and he doesn't feel like helping, he wants a fucking car and the health of the child doesn't really matter to him. 
I really want to help her, and the only way is giving her the money she needs.
Please share, she needs me now, she is already in the fifth month
I need money!!
Solo (halfbody) - $15
Solo (fullbody) - $20
Couple (halfbody) - $25
Couple (fullbody) - $30

aaaaaaa by BotCp
Aaaaaa by BotCp

URGENT Commissions -Paypal OnlyRight now a person who lent my mom money when my grandmother died is asking for 700$ back by August because the person is going to college this year. But we're really tight for money right now and can barely afford our rent and other bills and my own school supplies for this year, so we won't be able to pay her by then, and maybe not for a couple months. Since I can't get a job, so I'm trying to do commissions to help out! 
If you can buy just a small sketch, donate a couple dollars to my paypal, or even just favorite and share it'll help a lot! <- If you'd like to donate anything, even just a dollar or two, it would really help!

$5 Per Character
PRICES (Per Character)
Headshot: $5
Halfbody: $15
Fullbody: $25
Add Full Color: +$10
Doing Emergency Commissions - OPEN -So I don't do this emergency stuff unless I need to.
Well let me explain why I'm doing this.
My reason for sudden emergency commissions is because my eldest sister's cat, CJ, is very ill and is most likely dying. I want to raise at least 30 dollars towards the Capt'n.. He may be an ass to me but he's still part of the family and will hurt if he dies too soon. Doctors in emergency center told my sister that saving him would be over $2000
Please help me save CJ.

My goal atm: $20-$30
Paypal is preferred!  $.50 = 50 :points:
I can do fan-art of MLP, Steven Universe, Pokemon and HTTYD
I can't do nsfw and humans in full body

Customs: 50-300 :points:
Closed Species Customs: 75 - 600 :points:
Non-colored Headshots: 50 -  75 :points:
Colored Headshots: 75 - 125 :points:
Non-colored Bust: 75 - 100 :points:
Colored Bust: 100 - 150 :points:
Non-colored Half-body:  100 - 125 :points:
Colored Half body: 125 - 150 :points:
Non color
food for today.. commissions-still open
I will be doing sketch stuff, will be delivered in 1 day. (24hrs.) 

Sketch bust ups. 
Because I need to eat tonight. Im on a very difficult situation, my mother is extremely ill and I gave her my money to support her, now Im left with no money to eat! 
If you'd like to support, please commission me one of these for:


I can perhaps get a pizza tonight! And some breakfast tomorrow if im lucky haha! 
Commission me pls! In need of moneyHi! I am trying to get a new kitten named Versace (ver-soch-ee) from my friend but I need money to convince my dad we can get her. She is a very cute tuxedo cat. Since I was born, my parents have had a tuxedo cat named Nike but he died at the old age of 16 in May. This is the first time I have not had a cat in my life ever so I would like a cat now very much. I am mainly look for paypal, but points are fine, too. You can commission me here:

I also have ych and customs so if you would like one of those from me they are here:

I think that that is all of my adoptables and stuff but if not there are more in my gallery! Thank you!
Mom's cancer GoFundMe
Please if you can't donate help me spread the word my mom is going through actual hell and I would literally give anything to help make her just the slightest bit more comfortable right now.
If you don't want to/can't use the gofundme you can donate direct to my paypal here!
Commission Sheet 2018 by doonser
(Re-upload) I give in. I need help.Medral, who is literally one of the greatest people I have ever met, pushed me to re-post this. I was afraid of asking for help. I'm afraid of being made fun of, or my friends getting mad. But Medral assured me it's important to post.
In short, I am very in debt right now because I tried helping other people get out of THEIR debt. My ex boyfriend, my grandma, my mom, and some friends. I was told by every person I helped that they would pay me back, and then they didn't. And now I'm stuck with $300 a month JUST in debt payment until I get it paid off. I'm doing my best to juggle my bills with the debt, but this month, I just can't afford it.
I was charged twice for one bill thanks to a fault in the company not charging me when they're supposed to, and Verizon, my cell phone, says I owe them $200. I did call them, and I do owe this much.
I hate to ask, but I'm going to, because Medral tells me it's okay to ask for help. If ANYONE can help me financially, I would appreciate it.I do n
Comm+Adopt [OPEN]Thought I'd make a little directory of my info + other site accounts
**Commissions | My trello  | Open Adopts | Design Resells | Reduced Adopts | Buy me a Coffee**
well heck, commissions I guess?This was previously Paypal only, but now points are open as well. 1$ = 100 points.

Do not send payment until I have accepted your commission!You may reupload these images to character pages like, with proper credits but please don't claim artwork as your own and do not edit the finished piece. If you do plan on reposting the image on other sites, please link it back to my dA page.No refunds, unless I'm unable to finish your commission.I accept written references as well, but your commission will cost more.I have the right to decline your order if I am unable to do it.After I accept your commission, I will note you a WIP and ask you if it's ok. Please, pay within 2 days after you receive the sketch and I will start the proper picture!
Form to Fill-
One form per character, so if you plan to commission me 3 characters, please fill out 3 forms. (and place spacing between the forms will be great)
You can order as many characters as you lik
Emergency commission: Closed (Slot February)Update 2: January 4, 2018
A really wonderful person not only asked me for  commissions, but he gave me a donation that left me in tears. Everything was fine until that moment, but, after receiving the money, divided because My account affiliated with Ko-fi is different from the one I use for my commissions it is blocked. try everything almost all night and this morning, I asked the two donors to request a refund, but it did not work, I am very afraid to think that I lost all that money donated, but I still keep hope.
Not everything is bad, more than half of the money is saved and I went with my mother for food :'D
 So again, it was bittersweet. I feel terrible, and at the same time a little relieved that  everything was not lost. but I'm afraid of more problems.
so I will not aceppted for payments until I'm sure the same thing will not happen with my other account.
Update: January 2018
We still have complicated moments, just like the explanation of the lin
hey, so as a lot of you have seen, i went on hiatus yesterday due to family issues
the reason is pretty fucked up. im having a really hard time processing it, but my sister, who is a former cancer patient, had black spots found on her lungs this week. we arent sure what it is yet, we need to get more scans done, but its very likely she has cancer again, and this time its possibly lung cancer, which if you dont know, is one of the most fatal forms of cancer, with a 17% survival rate. im fucking terrified. my mom has been crying for two days straight. she could barely get out of bed yesterday, and i spent the entire last two days asleep because i dont know what to do with myself.
this news is absolutely devastating for me and my mom, let alone my sister.
shes a mother, mentally ill, a victim of abuse, and shes getting kicked off of insurance soon. we have to pay out of pocket for all of her treatments starting within the next few months. this means sc
I REALLY need money, I need to be able to rent a place or I WILL be homeless.
I need to have enough money by the 17th of November!
GOAL - £1300 (Max)
(currently have £250.51) ... 

I draw everything, I have a range of styles and I will draw close to desired styles for a bit more if you want
Check it out!
If you are looking for something cheaper - please check out my smols :happybounce: 
Flat Colour - $6 or 600 :points: SMOL CHIBI CM - Example: Colour!   
Detailed Smol! - $10 or 1000 :points: Detailed Smol! CM: Meril
And if you want something even cheaper pl

Take a look at these, it's worth it~ ! <3



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328 / 666
Maybe one day I'll have enough active watchers to make a contest/raffle/giveaway/etc. ! (^w^)
For the moment, it's to buy comms' or characters.
Sometimes I'm helping with prizes of some contests that are not mine. ^^
And I try to give to some people in need when I can <3
Anyway, thx to all who donated/are donating/will donate to me for any reasons (future contests, to support me, etc.), I really appreciate it !!!


10Points for a week (7 days) 
20Points  for a month (31 days)
Pay in my donation pool (right above)
and write a thing like ''For 1 week/month feature'' 
send me a Tiny Comment Icon by neripixuNote  saying you paid for a 1 week/month feature
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I can add a 2nd Deviation love or Journal la  if you give me +5Points 
(so 15Points/25Points  in total ^^)

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Just saw a comic, y'know, when they change the words to fit the situation, but that one was a originally a Naruto one with Sakura pregnant that want something (food) and Sasuke go get her and all... Nothing exceptionnal for the moment, it was the same in this with a french translation but...

Don't know if I'm tired or something, but can't get over the fact they change "Sasuke" to "Simon" (nothing against the Simons though x'3) for some reasons..?
I'm probably tired, you can just pass this and make no comments (>,w,<)
Scary SpiderHappy Halloween everyone~!Scary Spider 
(I'm a bit late but it is still October 31 for me soooooo just listen to this song~)
This year I'm too busy, but I think I'll maybe try OCtober next year, and ask my watchers if you want your OCs in ? If there's enough watchers that participate, 1 per person, or else a couple per person and mine(s) to complete... and if it's not enough, I'll do it for non-watchers too... maybe take some from my requests or make a new journal specifically for OCtober... idc, I'll see next year I think (^-^)
Don't know if it's really a good idea ? Mmmh...
Or Inktober. Or Goretober.
I don't know, just want to do one of these challenges one day (>w<)


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