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The time consuming little birdie is finally finished.
I don't exactly know how many hours I spent painting it the last two weeks.

It's a young Crow.

No watermark this time as it would ruin the eyes. :(
It's a small painting, the original painting is 13x21 cm, this is a slightly cropped version.
The full view version is a tiny bit bigger than the original, but it's more or less the same size..

The background is more green in the original, not so yellowie.

I'd like to enter :iconbirds-club:'s native birds contest with it.

About the bird:

1. Name of the bird?
>Carrion Crow

2. Why did you choose this bird?
> They're very common in Hungary and I quite like the look of these birds.

3. What do most people in your region/country think about this bird. Is it a bird people love or is it a bird who is not very favorite in your region/country?

> I guess Crows are considered as pests in most countries, especially on the countryside where they can do quite a lot of harm to crops. They used to be associated with witchcraft and evil and that didn't do much good for their reputation either. Being scavengers and robbing nests makes them unpopular too.

4. What do you think about the bird?
> I personally like the appearance of Crows and Rooks and Ravens and Magpies. I think they have a comic way of walking and they kind of look like cartoon caracters with their giant beaks. I think they're beautiful, like most birds, but their "singing" is rather unpleasant and a bit menacing.
I would probably think differently if I was a farmer.

5. Is there something special about this bird you want to tell us? A special habit, ability.....?
> I think some Crows can be taught to imitate sounds and "speak", but I'm not 100% sure about it.

*brown ink for the outline that I shouldn't have used
*a bit of salt
* a 0.35 mechanical pencil for a detailed base sketch

Kis Varjú, kis ké.p.. sok idő
Az eredeti méret kb akkora, mint nagy nézetben a feltöltött ké.p.

*barna tus, ami nem kellett volna, utána igyekeztem eltüntetni a körvonal nyomait
*kevéske só
*0.35-ös rotring a részletes vázlathoz

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