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So those potatoes are done and holy fuck, this is the possibly the creamiest mashed potatoes over ever made.
Idk, I guess while waiting for these potatoes to finish boiling I might as well post this.

Glombrox in Origins is pretty much that one guy who shows up to a party late and uninvited because he just fucking does. He brings nothing to offer, probably eats all the fucking snacks, and is there so late that no one really wants to bother kicking him out since he isn't doing too much wrong either.

Note, I dont hate the guy. I was just finishing a let's play it some shit on YouTube and that just came to mind.
If I seem to be uploading things that I wouldn't normally do- I might be hacked. Earlier I had google assistant open on me and saw this message. I didn't say that, and honestly I'm scared as hell now. For now, I'm staying but later today I may deactivate this account until the threat passes. I'm sorry, but this is honestly scary as hell.

embedded_item1549831666943 by Binkyt11
Hey everybody. My friend, CuteKawaiiCake, is in a tight situation and really needs help.

They've been having trouble with heat and electricity, and due to an accident her mother had recently- she's been out of work. They're all really great people and don't deserve to go through this! It's something no one should go through at all. So please, any help would be great. Thank you all for taking your time to read this and helping out.

<a href="…">GoFundMe Link
So EQD is doing an Open art thing around video games. I'm of course gonna do my boy Rayman and Co. Just sketched up a new design for Rain Dance (Globox) since I wasn't a huge fan of this one.
Rain Dance by Binkyt11

But yeah, I'm really happy with this new design. I certainly had a giggle during the early phase since he looked like a ponifoed Bismuth. :P planning on hopefully doing at least Rayman, Globox, Barbara, Minimus, Murfy, and the Oroginal Ales.

embedded_item1548111911289 by Binkyt11
Okay, dumb rayman idea time.... The Gospel Truth, but it's the Nymphs singing.
Is it just me, or have there been a lot of those "users" Who are probably just bots popping up on dA as of lately?
Is this what kids these days call a "cursed image"?

seriously though, part of me feels like there are people who already are gonna hate me for making this exist. And that part of me what's to say that I'm so sorry for making this exist.
#furry #rayman #binkyt11 #cursedimage

embedded_item1546565437279 by Binkyt11
Happy New Year y'all. Let's make this year a good one. <3
An attempt was made at a fairy froggo, and instead I got a dad froggo givin' that big ol' blep instead. Not that I mind.
Best Frog by Binkyt11
His proportions are still hella off though (the mouth looks really weird, the head is way too big in comparison to the body, what are even the feet, the arms are fucking long- MY GOSH), but it's getting there.

And I guess while on the topic on best frog, I'm listening to his voice clips from HH again because why not. My god, His English, French, and German voices are something beyond this realm and I freaking love them. And his character is a perfect balance of snarky, goofy, and just wholesome. Especially the last one- He's genuinely supportive of almost everybody, is willing to be friends with just about anyone, is pretty damn cute when he sings, and can be anyone's temporary dad if he wanted to.I mean, just listen how he describes Andre. I'm pretty sure in the German clips when he's looking for him, he says something on the lines of "Andre, my baby!". And y'all know what- All of that is motherfucking precious. Honestly, that's just been him for the longest time. He isn't really a character who's dumb to an unbearable point, but he's obviously not the smartest. What ya get is a loyal, silly, and lovable character. Paired with the fact that he's a big and squishy boy, is also 100% hug material (seriously, if Ubisoft made a plush of the guy I would definitely buy it).

Anyway, that is all in this surprisingly long status post about a fictional character. I hope that you all enjoy this pointless insight on one of the best characters in the franchise. Super Smash Bros Wii U - Globox Icon 
Note: I wrote this up last night before going to sleep.

I cant fall asleep, but I'm really tired as well. So y'all know what that means- LATE NIGHT IDEAS! This one seemed interesting, and the ideas are actually something I wanna share before I forget. Basically as the title implies, concepts for DLC for Rayman Legends if that was ever a thing to come into fruition. It ain't happening of course, but it's fun to come up with ideas for the thought right? So yeah, let me know of what y'all think down below. Are these okay ideas? Would y'all be okay if they did make plans to release DLC for the game? And if they did, what your ideas be for it?

So let's say this, Ubisoft announces they'll be releasing DLC for Rayman Legends. 2 of the Packs would be around $15-20 USD, and one of them would be like $10 USD since it's a bit smaller. The 2 main ones would contain 7 regular levels, 2 invaded levels, and of course 1 musical level towards the end. The smaller one would only consist of 5 shorter Murfy levels. So, I guess let's get this show on the road on what the DLC packs would be.

Main Pack #1: Retro Rewind</b>
In this nostalgic DLC expansion for Rayman Legends, new and old fans a like traverse through levels inspired by the original trilogy and celebrates the franchise's history in a superbly fun and awesome way. This expansion will include skins for the Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies based of their debut appearances, and the musical level will be based on a melody of tunes from the franchise's musical history.¹</i></tt>

(¹An alternate song that would also fit pretty well as musical level was *Madder* by Groove Armada)

Main Pack #2: Winter Blunderland</b>
Bundle up! In this new DLC expansion, Rayman and Company must go out into the most frigid parts of Gourmand Land to save the Teensy captives from becoming the dragon chefs' next meal. This expansion will include skins for Rayman, Globox, and Barbara that will don them in gear appropriate for the harsh and chilly climate, and the musical level will be based around the iconic hit- Carol of the Bells.</i>

Mini Pack: Danger Zone</b>
In this challenging miniature expansion, some of the nightmares and baddies roaming the Glade of Dreams have hatched an evil scheme that they think will finally put an end to the Limbless Wonder and his friends for once and for all. And for that, they're targeting a certain little fairy who helps accompany you along the way. In these levels that put a dangerous new twist to the Murfy levels from throughout the game, the enemies and environment can now hurt Murfy and cause him to bubblize- so it's up to you to traverse these levels and fight back before it's too late! But be careful, one wrong move and your bubble just might be burst too. Along with 5 new levels, the expansion comes with 2 skins. One for Rayman, and for the first time- A brand new skin for Murfy.</i>


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