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I consider Tewfic El-Sawy ( to be one of the finest travel photographers today...

so it feels really great to be featured in his blog here thetravelphotographer.blogspot…
I am both overwhelmed and grateful to dA for the huge response to the DD

thank u and love u all sooo much
my second DD comes at a time when i am doing the least photography in the last 2years. but i am using the medium to bring attention to something more important
i would like to thank dA and esp all my young friends who have supported me thru the years

:hug: to all of u
I'm still busy here

doing very little photography.....

thanx for all the support

love u all :hug:
To all my dA friends,
u may b wondering why i have not submitted deviations lately and also why i have not even answered yr kind comments...
well, my little hometown, in fact the whole region was reeling under some of the heaviest rainfall in recent times.
my town, even my own home suffered from itz i have been rather busy...
for the last 2 days the rains seem to have receded a bit so mayb i can get back to "work" with dA...
so please accept my apologies for not answering yr comments, notes and so on..
Held my first (mini) exhibition at Darjeeling yesterday. Exhibited 8 (16"X20") photographs in a gallery which was exhibiting amongst other things, paintings and sculpture.
My theme for the exhibition was "Silhouettes" and the photos on display were, "celebration" , "cricketers" and so on.
I am glad to tell u that all the 8 photographs on display were sold out! :)

PS:-This exhibition was done strictly on a trial basis to check out the quality of prints and costs (of printing/framing etc). Any of the younger photographers who would want to exhibit their works are most welcome to  wish to ask me the costs and what ever else.
For years I thought cropping was an integral part of photography; a surgical way of removing unwanted details to give more impact to a photograph and so long as I worked with digital images on the computer and the net,  cropping was very much "IN".
But lately I have been trying to sell my photos to some stock companies and quite suddenly I realize that here cropping is a bad word.
This is what I have learnt from my emails/ talks with company executives as well as discussions with at least one professional photographer:-
The most important aspects in selling  photos are
     i) Image size ie in PS the width and height of yr photo ; here BIG is GOOD.  At least 2 companies that I have talked to want the photo size to be at least  3000 pixels in one dimension. So to those who extensively crop their photos for aesthetic appeal, I have this word of caution: DON'T!
AND for those who cannot help but crop, PS has some hope for u in that u can interpolate yr pictures ie artificially pull and stretch yr photos to make them bigger but do note the image quality suffers as u interpolate so there is a limit as to how much u can "enlarge" your photo this way.
    ii) Image resolution; for prints the minimum resolution required  is at least 300dpi (compared to the 72DPI normally used for photos on the internet)
I work with a 10 Mp Canon 400D which gives me large (3888 X 2592 pixel) 350 DPI, TIFF files after conversion from RAW but even here when I crop these pictures the image size drops to levels which is unacceptable for prints to the stock image companies so I wonder whether cameras which output  smaller images can ever be used to sell photos.

In all this one pro's advice was just this: get used to shooting from close or use a telephoto but DON'T CROP!

Notice I have barely mentioned the file types ie RAW/TIFFs/JPEGs. Well my experience has been that companies don't REALLY mind which file format you submit yr photos provided they r big enough and are at least around 300 DPI resolution. Of course, they prefer RAW but they will readily accept JPEGs as well.

Someone please tell me that what I have written above is all gibberish and that cropping is very much "IN" for prints as well...that would be music to my ears since I have tons of stuff which look beautiful on the net but are sadly unacceptable in terms of image size and resolution for stock photos and large prints.
To any one who is even slightly serious about photography I recommend a visit to
switch on the slide show and be awed!

PS:- my personal favorite is Henri Cartier-Bresson
well, itz been a dream of sorts- to have a website of my own,  where i can upload my best  photographs and also ponder over and pen some of my thoughts.. this is the link

2yrs in dA has been a great learning experience and i want to thank all at dA
Am facing some rather unusual probs with dA lately:-
a) while uploading i don't see my uploads till sometimes a day later
b) after deleting submissions, the thumbnails just seem to hang for hours
wonder whether the zillions of submissions, the comments, the journals and so on is getting the better of the overworked dA servers not to mention our valiant dA admin?
any of u facing similar probs?
I spent a week in Delhi - mostly visiting galleries, checking out prices of printouts and framing and sometimes enjoying a couple of drinks and a heavenly meal with some relatives and friends.
I did manage to take photographs though..some, I have already uploaded in the photojournalism category where I was recording events as they unfolded ( "A land of contradictions", "The flower people" and so on...
Now I begin another of my Delhi series where I walk away from the gleam and glitter and the poverty which lives alongside; to something which I love doing ie taking long walks in the early morning where I saw a softer side of this maddening city which is yet another facet of this contradiction called India

I'd like to dedicate this series to my cousin JOYA who lives in Delhi close to where I took all these photographs  and at whose place I stayed for the week.
My trip to Delhi was hugely educative. I went around several galleries, checked out the cost of printing and framing 80-100 biggish photographs, met artists and photographers and so on...
But besides that I missed Kalimpong and the mountains; a big city is just too chaotic and confusing for me these days so I'm glad to b back home again.
Yes! the exhibition will go thru but after I do a lot of homework so even though I would love to put up a show in one of those galleries I visited, I somehow dread the thought of going back to the blizzard of traffic, the unending distances of Delhi, and the blistering pace of life in a cosmopolis.
For me Kalimpong and my little 19th century village where I walk to everyday is more than enough!
I'm in New Delhi for a lightning visit where I hope to tie up loose ends for a photographic exhibition some time in JAN2007.
Whereas I am confident that people will like my work when they see it..getting the publicity and trying to get sponsors is a huge problem besides being frightfully EXPENSIVE!!
But having come this far, there is one way to forward..
so wish me luck fellow deviants!
In Kalimpong, a tiny town in the subhimalayas, one is often caught in a twilight zone between the 19th and the 21st centuries.
Whereas I have been lucky to tread softly in the 21st for many months; since 02May however, I have crashed back into the 19th century with the Internet blinking off and staying dead for the 4rth consecutive day...
Besides not being able to upload deviations, checkout  news and mail, I just realized how totally addicted I have become to the Internet and DA even in this small one horse town.
I'll be needing a ventilator soon thanx to the moribund internet.

PS- I am uploading some photos and bashing the keyboard in an Internet cafe so I may not b able to add my comments till the Internet at my residence is restored (if it is ever)
The winter vacations over and schools have reopened here in Kalimpong; that means i have 24 odd turbo charged boys and girls running around in the hostel we run for school children...not much time for photography....
even though these kids will make fab subjects for portraitures...but all that will come later..
Hey Everybody,
The internet blinked off for some days and had a lovely snooze...
so i could not  post any photos..
couldn't check the mail and so on....

but then where can u live in the 21st century and have the 19th - just have an hour's walk downhill.....
Hi folks,
just changed the don't get confused!
anyway what i had wanted was a brontosaurus (ie the harmless vegetarian dino)but had a green dragon instead
one year has passed so i guess itz time for a change