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For any one interested in perhaps the biggest ICON in photography do have a peek here…
Joined dA, thanks to my friend Silas, whom I perchance met in Kalimpong, my hometown, seven years ago (gosh! its actually that many years ago, Silas?)
Thanks to him again,  I have a one year premium membership and the add- ons which come with it.
Do have a peek at the many features that come with this membership and also at the slide show!
Photography has long been a compulsive obsession with me and at 60yrs, I seem to be finally making it somewhere!!!
Three of my exhibits are on a social documentary website but my work on the 3 years of chhath puja celebrations in Kalimpong has been featured on the homepage of the website
Also my "Holi" work has been featured by Portuguese photographer Antero De Alda in his website and I feel tremendously proud and humbled to share the page with international photographers of repute, many of whom work for prestigious journals and magazines like Newsweek, Time, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Le Figaro etc. Please visit his web pages here…
I have been covering the HOLI festivities in Kalimpong for the past three years and I have put up a slide show (alas minus the music!)  of the best photos in my flickr page here…
Do have a look when u have the time!
I keep joking with my fellow photographers that these days the cameras are so damned good that if we can't produce good photographs with the new generation cameras, then the fault is totally ours and not that of the equipment.
And so it was with tiny (and maybe lowly) Canon 400D or the XTi; the camera performed flawlessly for the four years and more that I used it even in the extreme humid conditions that 5 months of monsoons bring us. Alas, it started sputtering and gasping a bit a month ago and that was when I decided to get a new camera body.
It took me weeks of reading reviews, talking to friends etc before I settled on the Canon 50D (since the 5DMk II and other such holy cows are still way off my budget!!) - and having used it for the past few days, I can't tell you just how good it is....
I have posted a few trial shots from the camera ..have a look
While googling for some photography stuff I found that I was listed here… which is supposedly the "world's foremost online photography bookstore featuring over 35000 fine-art photography"

Obviously I am glad and would like to thank and all my friends at dA for getting me back into photography when I had almost given up!
Hey! what's happening to our avatars on dA??
All have changed incl of this some weirdo's idea of a joke?
To commence what will undoubtedly be a long journey ie documenting and recording the plight and suffering of landslide affected people I uploaded 10 photos yesterday at
I am glad to inform you that the selection was accepted sooner than I thought and is featured on their home page.
I am disillusioned with DSLRs even tho, they gave me a whole lot of freedom...
SLR cameras revolutionized photography, but high end DSLRs are just too expensive...
I work with a lowly CANON 400D,
a kit lens
and a borrowed 75-300mm telephoto...
Can u afford a CANON 5D?
I can't!
Even tho I would love to work with a full frame.
I am 200% sure that EVIL is the answer..
Watch out!! 3 years from now DSLRs will be history...

read more about EVIL here…
I confess that I have been rather inert in dA over many months in the past two years or so; merely because I am busy AND obsessed with the serious problem of landslides in my part of the world (
Nevertheless, everytime I look up ANY deviation from anyone of the photographers I have on my watchlist...


Therefore, may I very humbly salute all of you!!!

I have just "faved" some of the so, so many deviations I would love to fave, given the time ...

Proud to say that my multimedia presentation on the Chatt Puja in Kalimpong was featured on Tewfic El-Sawey's famous blog here thetravelphotographer.blogspot…
This is the third time I have been featured on the blog :)
Ever since I visited thetravelphotographer.blogspot… on Tewfic El-Sawy's famous blog of the same name. I have been obsessed with doing multimedia slide shows; simply because it is more appealing.
Many websites (flickr, picasa to name the most famous) do allow slideshows of photographs BUT they (as far as I know) do not allow FREE multimedia slideshow uploads. Whereas does allow this, it restricts the number of photographs to 50. So in my meanderings I finally reached the doors of YOUTUBE.
I have since uploaded two multimedia slideshows onto YOUTUBE and the way I have done it is rather labyrinthine and torturous...
a) I first convert my jpegs to PNG in PS3.
b) Import the same into Windows movie maker.
c) Choose appropriate FREE music clips in mp3 format and download it. Edit the music in FREE music editing software (Audacity) to get down to the same length as the slideshow and finally import it into Windows Movie maker. Fine tune.
d) Save the multimedia slideshow from Windows Movie maker as a WMV file.
e) YOUTUBE unfortunately does NOT accept WMV format so now I convert it to MP4 format using a FREE converter (ULTRA MP4)
f) Now it is ready for upload.
Pretty tough going for a 57yr old.
My slide shows are here (Chatt puja here… and the more recent on HOLI - in Kalimpong here…).
Whereas I rejoice in that YOUTUBE allows it a) FREE and b) There is no limit to the number of photos or slideshows I can upload but I do believe that videos on YOUTUBE do undergo some deterioration and the same is also true when I convert it from one file format to another.
So my question is:- Is there is a better way of doing multimedia slideshows and here is the catch; it should be FREE!!
And may I leave you with a great multimedia piece; have a look at this
It is my immense pleasure to inform you that my multimedia slideshow on "Of Monasteries and Men" is featured here…,
it feels great to be on a blog which normally features the world's best
do have a look...
Trisha is 6yrs old  and born actress.
I did a half hour photo session with her yesterday  as she recited her poems for me.
I have placed the slide show in my flickr gallery here…
I have not been able to do much photography lately nor have I been prompt in commenting
so as a sort of apology,
may I recommend you this site?
I had written about this earlier. It is so much more convenient to flip thru a slide show and I think it is high time that dA came up with one.
I have placed 12 of my photographs taken in Siliguri a few days back. The theme is the power grid, monstrous steel pylons supporting power lines which feed electricity to a power hungry nation.
You can see it here…
Some astounding works here

have a look

(picked up the link from here thetravelphotographer.blogspot… - my previous journal)
One of the most interesting websites i can recommend for the serious photographer is thetravelphotographer.blogspot…

the photographers featured are awesome, there are interesting photo tours (unfortunately, all beyond my reach financially) and reviews on quite a lot of state of art photo gadgetry.

do have a look
Does dA have provision for a slide show?
if it doesn't then i think it would b great to have one...imagine sitting back and letting the images of some of the dA greats just flash past.

i do have a slide show in my website ( but since i have limited uploads on the server, i have shifted some of my photos to flickr and lightstalkers

any one interested in flipping past some of my images can go here
i have been receiving a lot of spam as "notes" lately...i am sure everyone is..
is there a solution to this?