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As of today (March 31st) and tomorrow (April 1st) the first 3 people who comment below what they would like me to draw them will get it for free! <3 
This will be for a limited time only Thursday November 3rd - Thursday November 10th

If you would like me to make you an Animation (at the most 1min) FOR FREE i will do that for the first person that Says "I want you to make me an animation" and please write what you want me to draw and Please don't make it too complex (ONLY ANIMALS AND POKEMON, preferably Eeveelutions if any pokemon)! No music, If you really truly want it i might make an arrangement. also this animation will be going on my youtube challenge cuz apparently I can't send one of here, i tried (I Use FireAlpaca to animate) if you know how to please comment below. If you don't want the screencastomagic on the bottom lest corner on the animation please leave a link to a better screen recorder thats Free, i don't really have that much money right now.... Enjoy your day and Thank you! <3

Want to see some of my animations I've made Heres 5
1. [link]
2. [link]
3. [link]
4. [link]
5. [link]