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You can do better! by Bindiluckycat You can do better! by Bindiluckycat
Luna: Hey, you, I heard what happened. I just wanna inform you that if he doesn't like you back than he's not worth it, believe me... he's dumb! What I'm trying to say is that you should find someone that like's you, ya know more than a friend, just the way you are. Remember, you have to like them back too though cause don't just go around dating someone who likes you.
Layla: Do you know him?
Luna: What, Cole?
Layla: Yeah
Luna: Umm, yeah...
Layla: You guys friends!?
Luna: Ha, no
Layla: Then-
Luna: We're siblings, He's my brother
Layla: He never told me he had a sister
Luna: yeah, cause I never wanted him too
Layla: Why not?
Luna: Cause I didn't want someone to hang out with me just because i'm his sister, i didn't want fake friends, cause so far all i've had was fake friends. 
Layla: I'll be your friend! I'm sure Bindi would love to be your friend too! 
Luna: Is she even your friend anymore? 
Layla: ....
Luna: Well, I'll take that as a no
Layla: no, its just that we are taking a break from each other, i wouldn't wanna lose her just because of boys
Luna: Huh
Layla: So you wanna be my friend
Luna: I gotta go, Just remember what i said
Layla: Wa-
Luna: Bye (Walks off) 
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