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Add a theme transparent (70%)

My first visual style with orb
I try to create a false 3D on taskbar
i wait your opinions criticizes and comments

-Ami francophone (plus nombreux qu'on ne le pense) je met enfin mon theme apès quelques galères, mais il y a pas mal de trucs à régler.J'attends vos avis et critiques.

J'ai fait une espèce de barre des taches en fausse 3d.L'orbe est incluse bien sur.Ferai une version transparente dans le futur.

Soft7 by AP-GRAPHIK [link]
Arrows on explorer [link]

For icons go here [link]
Text animated in Shellstyle by RajTheeban95 [link]

----on preview
Windows 7 Nav Pane Customizer by Kishan-Bagaria [link]
icon on startmenu and taskbar [link]

-----Make with
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Applies for W8, W8.1 and W10?
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The 1st top screen is basic? or just aero with disabled transparency ?
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just aero with disabled transparency
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I discovered something: When I choose to group the taskbar buttons and only show the icons, (i don't know if it's how is called in the english version) the transparency effect of the theme only appear on the "middle" of the taskbar, under the start button, the clock and some other stuff, the taskbar gets a bynary look.

A guy in the old comments noticed that too
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One that I always end up going back to... Its a nice clean theme.
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yep! merci l' ami ! ;)
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does it work on Win7 64b?
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great theme :) thanks...
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nice ! =) Vista version ?
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Have you used those back and forward arrows [link] or have you modded them ?
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Ok I've checked you modded them because I've installed the original, Can you share? The original one doesn't fit at all :/
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i hope it's you want [link]
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tank you this is the nice theme.
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Salut et merci joli thème, pourrais tu me dire où trouver les icones de programmes comme Firefox par exemple.

Merci d'avance et bravo.
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Super cool merci beaucoup....
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Merci l'ami c exactement comme sa que je laurais modifié !!!
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merci , tu es français?
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Very beautiful theme, thks for sharing
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