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I don't want to sleep. I want to post ponies.
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:icontwilightsparkleplz:"All the ponies in this town are CRAZY!"
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Yeah..^^ that's cute anyways/...Clap Clap Clap Giggle Giggle Giggle 
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go to my profile with favorite's its hillarious when shes with it XD dont believe? here i put you on.

that you! thats how dumb you sound, your not a docker, your not a scientis, your not a full time employee!
..... where did live go so wrong... :(
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twilight *hear's baby from justin bieber* :iconderpydashplz:
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I LOVE TWILIGTH SPARKLE!!!!!!!:iconiloveyouplz:
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Hat obtained.
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:icontwilightsparkleplz: Confound these ponies. They drive me to insomnia!
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Am I the only teenager almost adult who enjoys watching this show?
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You may not be the only one but you're definitely in the minority being that young. New to ponies?
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So there's people older than my age, 17 who watch the show. Yeah I am new
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Indeed there are. In fact, most of the shows fans are both older than you and male.
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Twilight is not amused.
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Ikr? *Brohoof*

Looks like she jumped straight out of an episode. Very well done.
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Pillows on the head make twilight sparkle a sad pony
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This is so demotivator-worthy.
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I wholeheartedly agree.
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