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My newest COMPLETED Rainmeter skin,I wanted to make a skin that held most of the information I would need in one place. until I made this I was using several different skins that didn't really seem to fit together so I made this.

There is an issue with the iTunes part where if the song title, artist or album name is too long it will end up outside of the center of its circle. There isn't a lot I can do about that without making the font either smaller and hard to read or making the text get cut off at a certain point. I'm looking into a way to make the text scroll but it doesn't seem possible with rainmeter at this point.

Anyway hope you like this skin and if you have any to say about it good or bad please leave a comment. Also :+fav: if you download please :)

Hey look I won skin of the month [link] Thanks to everyone who voted for me :D

UPDATES: This skin has been updated to include versions that have album artwork for iTunes, a version with Windows Media player controls and information (thanks to =poiru's WMP Info plugin [link]), I have also updated all versions to include the day of the week and the current date. So if at some point you have downloaded this skin to use I would advise you to download this updated version.
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thank you so much
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Using in windows 10. Found out it doesn't work with groove music. Is it possible that it can be changed?

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Or credit the :)
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comment on mest e la musique dessu?
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Is there any way this can be linked with spotify? I`m new so I have no idea, would be cool tho.
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Does this work with Spotify?
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awesome skin mate
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after installing how to make it work...nothing happening.plz help
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i think i like this type
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hello?Thanks for your share a lot~It's very nice.

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Is there anyway you can make it connect to Spotify instead? I have been trying to convert it. But can't succeed please let me know would really love it :)
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i´m sorry, but is it possible that you have any version of this skin with only the music player?? without the date/time. or do you know any other skin with a simple music player like yours?
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