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Context Menu Editor v1.0

By binarybuddy
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Changes and new features

# Added support for viewing icons for all kinds of files and also using them as icon for the menu item.

# Added feature for adding Win32 commands (before you could only type a valid file name).

# Added feature to make the context menu item Extended i.e. the feature allows the menu item to show
up only when you press and hold the <SHIFT> key while right clicking.

# Added feature to remove the menu items without going through the registry.

# A list shows the list of all the menu items you have added which also shows the command and the Extended property.

# The Information tab shows the system information and also the WinSAT Score.

Bug Fixes

# Fixed the UnauthorizedAccessException message box that used to show up If the user was a limited privilege user.
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I have way too many items in my context menu but I can't get ANY of them in the space where I am supposed to click on and delete them. I can see everyone but me has figured this out but alas I can't. How does one get the items on their context menu onto the CMU remove space? Please and thanks.
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Hi, Can you make one for xp ?
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this program is what i find...
thank you~
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you have any idea how to disable Create shortcut in right click contextmenu in windows 7 x64??

here is a screenshot: [link]

i want to permenently remove or disable Create shortcut in right click contextmenu!! i hate it so much!
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This is awesome...what about specific folders or hdds? I tried to add simply G:\ or D:\ and it errors out with Application not found.
I found a work around, I just use the add a web page/URL and it works fine.
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hey can you please help me out every time i try to open the program its says limited user access denied Hmmm looks like your not the administrator of this computer only a administrator can make changes in this computer. terminating the program bout my user account is on administrator account i don't know why im getting this error please help me thanks
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Is there any way to show ALL the commands in the context menu? When I run it as Administrator it only shows in the command list :

cmd cmd.exe /s /k pushd "%V" Yes

If I click refresh list nothing happens.
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Windows does not allow you to modify the default context menu items. You can just add or remove more.
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It works with xp?
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This program only works with Vista or 7.
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How do I point the direction or path to my "user" folder?
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The "user" folder in Windows Vista and 7 is this "C:\Users\YourUserName\", you can copy and paste this location to the text box.

replace the YourUserName with your actual user name.
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yeah, you should totally put a hierarchy option because no way in fuckshell i am able to create folders with this thing.
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Does not work that way.
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check out the new version in my gallery.
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Doesn't work for me. I ran it as admin but it shows the following message:

Hmm... Lools like you are not the Administrator of this computer. Only an Administrator can make changes in this computer. Terminating the program...
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Hey Kishan, try going through the following registry key

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell, then remove the registry keys that do not have a command subkey on them. And run the program again.

Hope that helps.
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Hey Gopal, Can you tell me how did you add that animation when the app closes?
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Hey dude, I will post an article regarding adding fade effect in win. my blog. stay tuned.
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Here's the link to an article on my blog

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That worked! Thanks!
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