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I hate when little human kids team up with big monsters, human or otherwise.  These kids need to start getting stepped on.  The most legitimately unlikely thing is increasingly the thing that I most wish would occur.
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If you believed for a second it was unlikely, you would be cautious about spoiling that for me!  You would want me to be surprised by it.  But you actually know that there is no chance I would be surprised.  Going into a movie without knowing exaclty what's going to happen?  Why that's Unamerican!

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(and only americans can enter the contest)
Another dumb movie where all the exact same stuff as before happens is the OPPOSITE of adventure. just as fan art is the opposite of original art!
Deviantart's latest advertunity requests me to donate free promotional "fan" artwork to stir up hype for another dumb movie like that, and it isn't even in theaters yet.  How could I, and why should I be a fan of something that isn't available?  How could I know anything about the power of their friendship or the spirit of their adventure? 
Trailers exist to simplify, exaggerate and mislead.  And stop the music abruptly so I know what I am supposed to laugh at.  I avoid the star-wars trailers because I want to see the movie without knowing anything.  I avoid the the good dinosaur trailer because I just plain don't want to know anything.  It probably isn't as terrible as the advertisement inevitably presents it as, but it most certainly isn't as good as post-release praise will swear it is.  Why try and force me to swallow that in advance?  Apart from "because we are getting money to hold this contest," I mean.

I hate those "eyes too close to each other on the front of the head" pixar character designs anyway, but ESPECIALLY on dinosaurs.
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Zeta-Neubourn Featured By Owner Edited Nov 3, 2015   Artist
I heard that the Star Wars trailer for the new one wasn't too bad about spoilers... then again, I hadn't seen it, either.

But yeah! Cool. Don't have to see the movie now, I guess? Maybe the twist is that that the friend is part of a hostile tribe... which has... also been done. A lot has, really... adventurrrrre~.
bimshwel Featured By Owner Edited Nov 3, 2015
I interpret things as spoiled that other people might not.  I consider, in a long-awaited sequel, knowing which characters will appear, and what sides they are on, as unnecessary information.  It is hard to show film footage without showing people, however.    And much of the casual hype is built on who is in the film.  For example I thought Gandalf was legitimately dead after the first Lord of the Rings movie, but it was impossible to know he wasn't in the next one.
In retrospect that seems like a naive belief, but sometimes being naive is more fun than being cynical.  Also, I knew he was in other Tolkien stories, and that this was one of the later ones, and I figured his primary purpose was to establish continuity, and therefore it was plausible for him to die.
MrShuffleDeck Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015
So, that is your petpeeve.

Hmm,mine is edgyness.
bimshwel Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015
Edginess is a veteran member of my bestiary of peeves.
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