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Howdy, good day.  How are you?  Oh well mmh hmm that is something. personals website, mostly filled with written pieces about frivolous things. all currently posted comic strip pages.  The html version is ugly but practical primary annoying twittor comic and art posts only less-annoying twittor facebook art account.  I have a personal account but it is only there to administrate the art account.  Trying to use facebook in its intended fashion makes me cry. tumblr account where I post but generally am not able to browse coherently I am still working through my considerable backlog of old pictures.  I don't know why I tell you since newgrounds people hate deviantart and deviantart people hate newgrounds.… sadly I have been unable to upload many videos but I have a few items in production.  Watch my account now so you can mess with my mind by unwatching immediately after I upload something!

commission pictures (promotion!)
Howdy.   You might also investigate this stupid chart thing.  It is more recent than this journal here.
These are united america dollar values! is now the paypal address.  I also accept dwolla and apparently "skrill" as well now, if you are into that sort of thing.
type I:

small character drawing $10, $5 for subsequent instances of the SAME character on the same page.  The example has 6 topagliors. 1x10=10 + 5x5=25 = $35, you see?  The blue dope in the up-right is forbidden so I cannot legally charge for it.
type II:

mass-lined monochromatic let's say $15.  Less lines is also possible!
type 3:

commission information, also due for an update.  Please do not ask me for anything that is horribly out of character with what I draw. Neither of us will like what comes of that request.

for contact:
yirzod in skype
frabaginarf in telegram
volcabbage in the other instant message device if you are old enough to still use that. is an email address
I have a steam account (frabaginarf) but I am too busy to play video games and too cheap to buy them anyhow.

Dorksup by bimshwel

Owing in large part to the actions of :icontvsrik:, which I have not yet reciprocated in the slightest, I seem to have or have had an unusually high number of people visiting my page.  Unfortunately I have been so busy this month, things are unusually dis-arrayed, and arraying was not much my strength to start with.

In fact all these links are already ON my page, but well here they are again!  I suddenly got a spike in activity related to my next most-recent journal, and I would MUCH prefer people to follow the links in THIS one.
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TVsRik Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
All those links shall serve us well~ 
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bimshwel Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016
I am glad you are a CLEAN pile of puke!
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bimshwel Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016
I am the thinking sort of puke pile!
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April 27, 2016