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commission implausible by bimshwel

Howdy.   You might also investigate this stupid chart thing.  It is more recent than this journal here.

These are united america dollar values! is now the paypal address.  I also accept dwolla and apparently "skrill" as well now, if you are into that sort of thing.

type I:
topagliehhh by bimshwel green aggravations and scam by bimshwel
small character drawing $10, $5 for subsequent instances of the SAME character on the same page.  The example has 6 topagliors. 1x10=10 + 5x5=25 = $35, you see?  The blue dope in the up-right is forbidden so I cannot legally charge for it.
type II:
Fantastic disappointment by bimshwel to sneer and protect by bimshwel

mass-lined monochromatic let's say $15.  Less lines is also possible!
type 3:
corruptible chiroptera by bimshwel designated critter by RespeliaHadoukanteater by Respelia Aloe, is it me you're looking for by bimshwelFmirsokp by bimshwel
regular-line-quantity sketch with color $18ish (uncommon complexities can cost extra unless you absolutely do not care how I draw them. The nature of this style is to be done quickly!  Complicated scenes may not work well)

type f:
baked no-goods by bimshwel Impending impact by bimshwel tariffs rose dramatically in the 1920s by bimshwel a leykly story by bimshwel

hard color, explody abstract backgrounds  $25-35 depending on creature complexity.  With or without lines.  Without is sometimes harder, but not always.

type 742-B:
impossumble stunts by bimshwel deformance anxiety by bimshwel Notvwap by bimshwel birdy dancing by bimshwelMorning Commute by bimshwel

More blended colors would be $35-45-? more or less, yes, I think.  Uncommonly complex anatomy or clothing, non-abstract or very pedantic backgrounds, the necessity of in-depth research or original ideas on my part cost extra!
If you want a cheap drawing, please do not ask for an expensive one! 

type IV:
fastest gun in the wasp by bimshwel you shall meet with my raccs by bimshwel
100x100 pixel icons!  $12 right now.
200x200 is $15
type five:

You want 50x50?  I can do 50x50!  probably for about $8 Naturally let me know in advance if there is any specific style or color restraint.

Robor4 by bimshwel
512x512 is $20 right just now.
this is not an icon at all, but is made with the same pixel-fixated principles.  It is more challenging than regular art.
liquidating personal assets by bimshwel mitz opportunity by bimshwel animated ziv by bimshwel oozing style by bimshwel

Animation is feasible. Prices would depend on individual requests and honestly I can't even guess what anyone would ask for.  I have tried and failed.

one olympia, hold the manet by bimshwel
And if you see something in the gallery that is not here feel free to ask about it!  It is difficult to come up with a generic price for something I have not done a generic number of times.

If you are interested, please contact me via
skype ( yirzod )
deviantart's note system also works but I will get updated much more quickly on the other two

Please provide visual reference(s) and all details that you feel are prudent.  I will send you a preview before you pay, and at that point you can request changes.  Major modifications get more annoying at later points in the process.

Payments should NOT be gifts!  My prices are set with the expectation for me to cover fees, but you are free to provide a "tip" if you absolutely must.  With that said, please, also, do not pay until I have sent you a sketch.

Unless we agree otherwise, all art is for non-commercial purposes and afterward I retain rights to it.  You can freely alter or repost whatever I do for you or whoever, provided it is obvious I did it (unless we agree otherwise!).

Thank you, good tidings, hop on the holiday jolly-day tour bus, happy birthday, let's get busy.
© 2015 - 2021 bimshwel
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WhimsicalBlair's avatar
I want a little something! :>

Is the new paypal where i contact you? Or do I still use the email below?

Sorry, just didn't know if you changed your email as a whole. :o
bimshwel's avatar
I got a message from you!  They all go to the same place, ultimately.
WhimsicalBlair's avatar
Ah never mind.
it was a dumb question to ask.

I just sent the email.~
Devildukitzu's avatar
How long will you be taking commissions?
bimshwel's avatar
Take your time if you need it!  I have no plan to abruptly stop considering offers.  I generally only get them sporadically.  In fact I think the last time I "closed" was in June 2013, and have generally considered things since then.
Devildukitzu's avatar
Good. I have a certain bunny I would love to see in your style. I will inquire next paday
RevelRomp's avatar
Just sent off an email.
Sherymon's avatar
Please send me your email, I want a commission ( I can't it in this deviantart app)
bimshwel's avatar is the email address!
Though I am late in saying so, I do want one of these, and will be contacting you in the near future about it.
bimshwel's avatar
Thank you for wanting one!  I should clarify, and I thought I had, but realized I had not, that I was able to cover the unexpected shortfall and will be able to order a new tablet in short time, so this should not be treated as a desperate matter.
Ugh, I never contacted you! This bothers me, because I still need to commission you. Going to contact you in the near future, and I mean it this time.
bimshwel's avatar
No worries!  I assumed you meant it.  I did have a few other people come forward, and I have plenty to do anyhow, so you can take whatever time you need.  I am hoping to not abruptly go into hiding and cower from commissions this time.
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