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What?!  Can I literally just paste an entry from my website and it will work here?  Only as well as it works there!

The second (and first, also) “issue” of my comic books can now be ordered from…

oh for SERIOUS now THAT website has a security certificate problem??!  Hey i SWEAR to you that link works.  You just have to open it in a new tab or change the "httpS" to "http" great fimpity this one isn't even my fault.

It features 36 needlessly dense pages, artwork superior to my photography, considerably more legible lettering than the first book and NO DOPES ((actually there is one dope on the inside back cover, don't tell anyone).

The linked page has them for 8 dollars, which may feel a tad excessive for a comic book but most comic books there have less content per page and eight fewer of them.  More panels stuffed into the the same space is not necessarily "better" but I think it works here better for what I was trying to accomplish than the usual way would have!

Of course it can still be browsed for free up to and beyond that point also on the internet, but people on the internet are peculiar sometimes so I offer both options to them.

ALSO: if you dwell outside the federated republic of United Statia and want this for some reason but think the international shipping cost is exorbitant (I sure do), please contact me directly at and I can send one to you through rinkety dinkity postal mail, although I could not guess when it would get to you! This is a fairly stupid time of year to try and mail things. 

However, I would have gotten this out of my way much sooner if I could!  "Currently, it's taking *at least* 4-6 weeks from when a book ships to when it goes live" eventually struck me as meaning: "NOTHING will happen BEFORE 4 weeks and afterward it could be any length of time.  weeks months years."  the "-6" is misleading.  it has no meaning.
I only found out the book was finally available during a cursory check on it before I wrote a second annoyed request for information; the robot never contacted me!  I assume it was hard at work installing security certificates.

Gimme a break, robot.  That "i was driving to the bathroom when you called" story isn't going to cut it this time.  What kind of idiot would make a robot that even needs to do that?  This smiling moron should be able to interface directly with the robot car instead of needing to operate external controls!

Another more worrisome matter: It has been brought to my attention that after months of obsessively relettering the internal text, I left out the M in "bimshwellian" on the FRONT COVER of the newish comic book!  Order now before I fix that, and be the owner of a rare collectors' item. Apart from the huge pile of them I ordered for my own purposes months ago and the fact that I might not get around to changing it at all.
Ahdira Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jeez, I hear a lot about creators literally selling themselves short, but this is absurd. 8 bucks for a fully illustrated, densely packed book? I'd think something like that would be worth more than a couple coffees. At least 4.
bimshwel Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2018
It is only 36 pages long!  And I have very few sales as it is!  I appreciate your apparent compliment toward it, but if I charged based on the amount of time I spent, I would probably not sell even that many, since I do not direct energy well, in general. However, I feel like this is a positive movement toward what I want to accomplish, overall.  It is more meaningful to me than most other things in the gallery.
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