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since mid 2016 I have not had any word from the game's creator, which is about as ambiguous a result as I generally have with anything.
In fact I only provided feedback and a scrap of creative consulting here and there, plus some drawings that have been edited and added in at various points without my consultation that will probably not be in the final version, but as things are, explaining all that was more than the subject line could contain.

It is a 3D video game about using a remote control car to solve puzzles. Right now there is a free demo, but the final version is to be released on Steam with prettier visuals, heaps more levels and something resembling a story. 

The author Ryan Saul is interested in more viewpoints, and has an open skype chat group for it.  You can look me up on skype as "yirzod" if you are curious and I can add you.  There is also an anonymous image-board at… there which you can post on if you hate it, or like it but don't want anybody to know who you are.  OR you could comment right here and I will relay the information.  Or comment someplace else entirely.  But don't think I can't find you.
19 Pog by bimshwel
Rc19 Henry by bimshwel

Flobemaze by bimshwel
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Submitted on
September 13, 2015