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an extremely minor figure that I spent far too long on getting to move plausibly for the amount that it is visible in the its intended context, which is hardly at all!  Theoretically this was good practice.

In fact it is going to the same place as these fools but is more discreet about that.
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wimpodHobbyist Artist
this thing is related to that stupid anteater, i KNOW it.
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IxentrickProfessional Digital Artist
I felt like this at work today. :D
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MrDragonFruitHobbyist Digital Artist
the snoot looks like its flicking in the middle of the animation cycle, that motion should probably be a bit more gentle. also,the right foot makes it look like the character would be turning right instead of walking forward like the left foot would suggest. the eyes are sort off distracting too, extra jittery. I like the concept though, I love the body sway, the emotion is displayed really well, and the finger flop is pleasing. Reminds me of the same way this emotion would be displayed in ren and stimpy. Of course, I don't follow your art, but animation gets me excited to comment! So if something I said doesn't apply for any reason, then disregard.
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Thank you for looking at it so closely!  Ordinarily it appears against a moving yellowish brown and green background and I had not considered what difference the white would make.  I have placed a plain brown on this, and also attempted to align the eyes better; I admit I had not given much consideration to them up to this point.  And you are certainly welcome to follow my art if you are so discerning!  I want to know what people think of it.
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Why do I let people talk to me like that?  That comment ruined my day.
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This animation DOES look very crummy to my now, and I wonder why I thought it was at a presentable level, but where are these criticism obsessed people when I do something properly?
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of course THAT dork is gone now. that means i "won," right?
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