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An experimental sort of animated icon for beepybot
Experimental in the sense that I tried to make edits in photoshop after I had already assembled it, and that is a terrible program to edit gifs in because there is no way to look at the next frame and also activate the next frame for editing without moving the mouse and clicking on two different things every time.  Rubbish!
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This is really cool! I especially like the little 'head-throwing' motion of the clasps at the back, makes them look almost sentient hahah. Great job!
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Oh jolly good, this one I DID like the result of, overall.  It is not my place to say that the metal things are NOT sentient, however!
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It looks like it's reluctant to defrag my computer.
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wimpodHobbyist Artist
Much like cats, bots are often found in boxes for no apparent reason.

Also, This is definitely the on par with the original ice cream melt for "most fluidly animated techno".

I can't thank you enough. <3
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Thank you for thanking me!  But the melted one actually BECOMES fluid!  And could potentially find some way out of a box if somebody shut it in.
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wimpodHobbyist Artist
If you put a liquid robot in a sealed box and don't look at it, does it even exist?
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Omegastar890Hobbyist Traditional Artist

This icon looks quite lovely and colourful, you did such a marvelous job mate :D

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This is so precious, I love that toe wiggle. Great work!
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Your art (pixel art especially) has a sort of old, familiar feeling to it, like it'd something I'd see from an old computer game. I like it a lot.
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I never thought of that.  I do seem to have used somewhat EGA-style colors.
I have taken a good deal of inspiration from the Gobliins + Woodruff series, but not for pixel art, or this sort of animation.  Maybe the frame rate is distinctly early 1990s dos-style.  Console games, with their limited disk space, had very simple animation until 16 bit systems, which then tended to apply it in a practical or action-related manner, while a sierra-type adventure game would be more likely to have some weirdo just lurking around in a looped animated state, waiting to be engaged with in a not-necessarily violent manner.  Though Hero's Quest had plenty of violence.  And bright pink beasts.
Or did you have something else in mind?
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I wish I could give as much of a response! I'm sort of young-ish and the games I'm thinking of were hand-me-downs from an older sibling. I was very small at the time and not very good at reading or retaining information... Whatever they were, they're lost to the ages and a few garage sales. I'm somewhat familiar with Sierra games though, and I can kinda feel that kind of vibe? I guess what I'm trying to explain is your art reminds me of a distant, fond, somewhat abstract memory, and I appreciate the feeling.
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Bradley-The-Blue-FoxHobbyist Artist
Love this! Hehe
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