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Unexpected Abnornality

Green Reaper meets another creature with differing habits but evidently similar taste in vegetables.
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Very cute pic - all bright and cartoony! -really like how you made Greenreaper's face and that it's so fluffy specialy the furchest! Only think the tail became longer and the feet is more Grendel like for being a Kai norn,the tail do remind me more  of the Spike Norn breed,all extra long and with the typical Hebbe/Kai norn tailtip ^^
 But other then that,looks neat! - im sure Greenreaper likes it :3
Also the girl is adoreable too,no clue who she is or what species she is,but her carrot is going to be gobbled up in no time,that im sure of X3
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Thank you for liking the picture!  This shows the ways I typically draw tails and bipedal cartoon animal feet, and Mr. Reaper was probably expecting such circumstances.  He did offer revision suggestions at certain points and those were not deemed major matters.
I understand now that this person is responsible for the other creature.
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No prob ya very welcome! :aww: - being a Norn/Creature  geek  myself (can allready tell by my own avatar - PurpleMountain Norn X3 )
I could not resist it - it's very adoreable - It's nice to see more Creatures art around then just mine around :nod:
Ah that explains it - well that adds more to the uniqness of the pic - I like when people draw theyre style/takes! I only pointed out it because I know some might not allways have guidelines how the creatures look and goes with something different then the original counterpart,but meh - own style is even better! Don't mind my pointings then,as a creature fan - just recognized the tail and feet more of a likeness to the different species/breeds from the Creature series :D -( was not meant to be offensive)
Ah I see,well the differ made it look uniq and interessting in it's own right,I think the end result is great :3

Ah I see,thats cool! I might chek it out - Thanks for explaining!
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Yeah, carrots are pretty abnormal. 
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They certainly are if you do not expect them.
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Excellent colouring and background!
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The notorious carrot thief has been caught in the act D:
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You seem concerned.
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He stole my carrot cake just yesterday @0@
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