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Flying Koach

By bimshwel
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Were you aware that ~Koshizu (that's whose creature this is) was the first person to "watch" my deviant page? Sure, that was with a slightly different name, meaning that therefore *Crobdan is the first currently active account to do so, but you might notice that I tend to draw dopey imp and lizard people suffering misfortune anyway. Why did you bring this up? Fiddle-dee-dee, does it even matter who's "first?" You're so fickle!

The image was just supposed to be the same sort of thing as the previous item, but I couldn't get the [totally non-relevant] airplane to look right, and while tending to that I wondered about the accuracy of the clouds, and the positioning of the clouds depended on where the ground was, and a cliff edge will often be overlooking the proximity of other rock formations, and on from there. Whoopth.
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That [totally non-relevant] plane is a SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE.

Pinecone: Fall, fall, fall.
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You are good at identifying my irrelevant space-fillers!  I remember I had a hard time getting the airplane to look like it belonged there, but I think it helps the piece overall.
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You are VERY good at scenery and posing. I'll give you that. 
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Your painting skills are simply remarkable! :3
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Your whistling skills are remarkable!
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Why must you condemn such cute creatures so? D:
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They know what they did.
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Oh yes, that is an impressively detailed picture indeed. Excellent job, I always find it difficult to color without making the picture wobbly and uncertain when I'm not using black unrealistic outlines. Perhaps she should think more carefully about which cliff she wants to stand over next time, though.
And don't think I didn't spot that fiend in the background!
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This had outlines at one point, but I colored over most of them in resolving the various issues. In fact, that has been going for quite a while, I merely recently gave up redrawing the black exteriors after every correction. It's good to know I can pass off my line-art handicap as something superficially identifiable as more fancy. I am useless with a pen.

Verily, the cone zone conetinues to expand. I am through questioning why and how and have moved into how I will adapt in order to survive under the new regime
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Arrgh, serious wow! Not sure if I could comment appropriately, I'm somewhat at a loss for words on how ace I think this is!

And you've nothing to worry about, the concept is just perfect - she looks real cool in that vintage-stylee bomber jacket too hahah. I try drawing them occasionally but I always mess up on the collar lol...likewise, the details of the texture on the collar and scarf are great!
The aircraft looks absolutely fine, honestly they are buggers to draw in any case - and the inclusion of the wheel cavities hahah, brilliant! :thumbsup: Really cool, I'm loving the line-less-ness and the attention to detail on the background. She might have to check her travel plans though, kinda looks like she got a stowaway on this journey lol...

Anyway - I love it to pieces! Cheers Queg, you really are too kind to allow space and time for small aviator lizards lol! :thumbsup:

And hey, is that really true? Blimey, doesn't feel like so long ago! Dopey imps and unfortunate lizards obviously appeal to simple minds like myself hahah.
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I didn't realize those were wheel cavities until maybe about twenty minutes before I uploaded the thing; it all came together after that. Collars, though, I never much understand. I don't know what they're for and I can't draw one convincingly unless I'm looking at one. This sort of garment is fashionable enough that it works even if its collar doesn't, fortunately, so don't be corralled by that. Haaaasigh.

It's good to know you like the picture; this sort of thing is more or less my preferred subject matter, somehow. I even felt a tad guilty making it; it seemed almost too easy.
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Hahah yeah, collars are pretty strange drawing subjects - I don't understand them at all when trying to draw them lol! Alwyas turn out really bizarre looking. For something so simple as a folded piece of shirt anyway hahah. And true, they are cool jackets regardless lol!

Of course, and I'm glad to hear that due to subject matter it perhaps wasn't a complete pain to draw! Nothing quite as frustrating as trying to scribble something that you don't feel comfortable with. So again, thank you! :thumbsup:
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Heh. I think this looks awesome. I love the stance you gave him, as well as that delightful expression on his face. The jacket, scarf and goggles also look great on him. Of course, that rocky outcrop he's standing on, doesn't look like it's going to support him much longer, and it's a long way down.

I actually like the way the clouds and background came out. They have a subtle way of drawing the viewer's eyes back to the character.
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You always leave such kind comments. I suspect you compliment me in excess.
I don't know what you're talking about with the ledge, though. It looks safe to me.
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*smiles* I wish I could say that was so (or perhaps I don't -- I never remember which way is better :confuse:).

As many of the artists I watch have discovered, I don't like just saying 'nice job' or 'great picture'. When I leave a comment, it is because I truly enjoy a picture and wish to express my gratitude to the artist for sharing their work with the rest of us. This includes pointing out those elements of a picture that I really liked and what seemed to draw in my attention the most.

With luck, my simple observations may not only help to encourage the artist to keep drawing, but also to give them some insight on what at least one watcher finds the most appealing about their work.

As for the ledge with the large crack along the region it connects to the main rock, I'm sure it's completely safe. After all, what fighter pilot out there would ever stand somewhere or do something that could possibly get them killed?
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The lizard reminds me of littlefoot.
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Silliness! Those feet are huge! TAKE THAT BACK!
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First class is overrated anyways. All they do is give you food. You don't have time to look outside. Cruddy.
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You may be on to something there. The true Bourgeoisie travels exclusively by dirigible.
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Donkey rides are underrated also. Nothing like something that will tell you what's wrong.
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Alas, reindeer cannot climb the hills of Italy.
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