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Ayato drew a dope once (I do not advise this). He has additionally drawn many great things which were not dopes. Lovely backgrounds, also! Not like this. I'm not sure where this is supposed to be. I initially was thinking of some space shippy sort of environment like Ayato often produces but it wanted to look more like a Romanesque era church that was converted into a shopping mall and then into an Amiga game.

I keep forgetting that I don't know how to draw stuff that looks like stuff unless I copy it very closely. With that in mind I probably should not upload the messy non-copies at such large sizes. I will try and remind me next time.

Ayato has a deviant art page also, but he seems to not be aware of it.
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Haha oh god, the pine cone is creeping on them from the shadows now.
Your color choices are great, but the differences in texture between the characters and background threw me off a little! The fur is super detailed compared to the skin of the other two, although perhaps it was necessary in order for the fur to look like fur. Or maybe that was on purpose since his outfit also appears to be quite intricate.
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Thank you for liking the colors!
And you are right that things are strange! In this progress image it should be apparent that initially the picture was to be of limited colors. However, I had trouble smoothing out the windows, which weren't supposed to be there, and I went into blurry mode to assist with that. Next, for whatever reason, I started to mess with the characters who had looked fine and consistent but, I was concerned, not alike enough to the other artist's versions of them, particularly on Lupine, the small clothed one. And then I was tired of the image and put it on the internet without being satisfied. Too much of that lately, I fear!
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Dope is annoying, once again.
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Those things never seem to learn.