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Who do they think they are?

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Who let those scoundrels in here? If they haven't paid money I don't want to be associated with them! I am affluent now! I demand fancy cheeses on toothpicks!


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bimshwel volcabbage crimmenabim
United States
I do not know who I am. I will decide that once I have ruled out everything I am not, unless I rule out everything, and that will mean I am something else.

I have an infrequently updated but never forgotten comic strip-like-production, and that is where this link goes if you use a browser that deviantart doesn't break the links of.
Please be aware that my website links are fine. deviantart's over-reaching link-hijacking "security" measure screws them up.

yirzod in skype
frabaginarf in telegram
bimshwel#7516 in the discordant message device
anything else?

I spent many years trying to please the wrong people. Don't "fake it until you make it" because if you never make it you'll be faking it until you die, and have lived a pointless life.
addendoy: I do not encounter this in google chrome or internet explorer, but I do not especially like google chrome and internet explorer yet less!  I suppose it could potentially be firefox's problem but the fact remains that I don't have this problem on other stupid art sites whatever the browser is, so the problem seems to be most likely a case of firefox being more delicately coded and consequently more sensitive to deviantart's shoddy forwarding system.
----------------- is my website.  It works.  It is fine.  It always has been.  But deviantart consistently alters the urls without permission, and has been doing so for at least a year. The links should be "http" NOT "https." No other site does this to me. It is SABOTAGE.  It makes me look at best like I am too dumb to put in my link properly or stopped having one and forgot to remove the links, and at WORST like I am running a criminal operation.  I don't have hundreds of dollars lying around to spend on "security certificates" and it isn't necessary. My site doesn't run any scripts. It is merely a system through which I express myself. I think it is valuable when people do so, and own their points of exhibition.  They should not have to submit to the whims of twitler blogsport livepress wordturtle whatever which might delete everything they have at any moment for no reason or cover their content with sponsored obnoxiosity.

If a person wants to look at my website they will have to manually type it the url or alter it after clicking on a link, which is extremely improbable.  The contents of my website are primarily of personal importance and I am not greatly harmed by this sabotage, at least by this point when I have accepted that obscurity is my fate, beyond the frustration of having it be affirmed in yet one more way that this social media "system" is set up to exclude certain types of voices while patting itself on the back for being a platform that provides equal opportunities.  It is one lie among many.

People who don't use deviantart like to gloat that it is "dead" or whatever.  I appreciate that there is ORDER to it and it provides a clear index of everything a person has uploaded.  You don't necessarily have to be present the instant a picture goes up to have a chance of even knowing it exists if it isn't from an overhyped celebrity figure.  But there is no justification for screwing around with my links!

Thank you and goop muck.
Have you had made and then sold, or bought custom printed posters? Or even just had them made? At 18x24 inches especially. I see Vistaprint will make them for $12 each, but I have no idea how the quality is, and I might need them too soon anyway; october 26 is about the latest I can deal with them.
Link me to your characters, and I won't draw them, and then you won't have to draw mine either.  Hopefully this will prevent needless bloodshed.
three years ago!  But wasn't it really annoying for a moment when you thought I was bragging about getting one now?  I don't understand the point of announcing when something good happens to you.  Like you need people to come and congratulate you, to make you feel good about it, even though something GOOD already happened.   And people like to announce stuff like that with "whoa" or "wow" or "gee whillickers" like THEY are impressed at THEMSELVES but also at the same time pretending to be humble.  "like omg guys 5000 watchers what???  I'm totally pretending I'm NOT a miserable self-centered scumbag who used watch-baiting and automated software to inflate my imaginary worth and I don't know what's gonna come outta my mouth even though I am a cold calculating creep typing and proofreading and not speaking live??!"

I haven't seen anybody do that recently and cannot recall who specifically I saw doing it who hadn't compulsorily unwatched my page first so I can post this without anybody thinking i am targeting them, right?  Great.

No it was a long time ago, on something that isn't even very good or representative of any of my ideas. 
The person who awarded it didn't even remember to add a comment saying why it was chosen.  And to this day I don't know what I did that even made me eligible to have that BE chosen.  And it happened two years after I made the thing!  I sure haven't done it since then, but I know that one picture wasn't the pinnacle of my humanity either.   
I was linked to a survey last week about deviantart changes and one of the things I could rank the importance of was "i think daily deviations don't get enough exposure."  No I think daily deviations get all the exposure and tend to look like they were all drawn by the same people and the same kind of people.  I got a comment on mine from somebody who was ANGRY that my drawing didn't look like I watch pixar movies and play overwatch or whatever it was then all day (also on his page: HE draws like that).  For fleep's beep take some initiative.  You have the FREE WILL to look at stuff that isn't recommended to you by someone who will never talk to you.  In my experience, nobody outside deviantart even cares about it.  I assure you it isn't a big deal that I am allowed to think I succeeded at something once every few years.
And *I* didn't have to say anything about it here, and things still went as fine as they would!  I still got louts suddenly contacting me to do free artwork to bring glory to THEM.  I still got loads of favor marks on that one picture and not any others, like people think: "I can like THIS picture by bimshwel because somebody told me to and then forget bimshwel until such time that somebody I obey tells me to like bimshwel again.  Gosh I love following orders." 

My older brother announced today that he is getting married.  I can understand doing that; it is important for people to know if you are married. That is a legal status.  Your daily deviation isn't going to get you a tax break or let you emigrate to a foreign country.  Nor is it being your birthday, for that matter.  My birthday's coming!  hint hint hint! On my birth-day I like to eat tacos and strawberry pie.  Nobody on the internet can give me that so I do not tell them when the day is.  People are more connected and have more "friends" than ever on the internet but almost every one of them is depressed.  Because all their friendships or deceptive rituals with the goal of accumulating imaginary numbers.  Just like going to school or having a job except at 2-20 times the pace, so you feel proportionately more empty and depressed from all the fakery.  I don't make friends being angry like this but I don't want to HAVE friends who require that I pretend to be happy and like stupid garbage that I hate.  I have to go brush my teeth now.  Good luck in your travels.
a monstrous horde of animated pixel icons that i barely escaped from with my life, accompanied by music which may also be dangerous.

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bimshwel Featured By Owner May 12, 2017
I am aware!  I didn't say I would DO it!
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Have you ever tried creating artwork using free opensource software alternatives in Linux? 
bimshwel Featured By Owner May 9, 2017
I used Krita briefly when I only had access to a computer that ran on linux, which was nice, sort of, but I hated linux overall, since almost nothing that I already used would run in it.  Flash, foremost, there was no alternative to that could open its *.fla files.
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Even if I don't fancy furried themed. you have a crazy attention for the color. it really stuck me. well done. 
bimshwel Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
Thank you for finding some value in it!  Apart from an extremely narrow interest that most people do not pick up on, I only draw what I would call the generic furry things when paid to do so, which has, admittedly, increased in frequency the past year.  Otherwise I prefer more imp-ish or whimsical sorts of beings, although I can certainly understand how those might appear to be all be the same thing!
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oh geez thank you so much for watching me back, i absolutely love your art!! youre one of my favorite artists on here =)
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Wishing you well. 
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