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OMG! Ubuntu

Was making a light and simple theme, ran out of ideas how to make it not boring, gawped at various websites for inspiration and ended up doing an OMG! Ubuntu theme! I think the site's colour scheme translates really well into a shell user interface. No remorse. No regrets.

Tested on the brand new Ubuntu Gnome 12.10: [link] (which is completely void of Ubuntu branding (it looks like fedora), so my next project is a Quantal theme trying to bring Unity aesthetics to Gnome Shell.)

PS: Hope it's OK copyright wise, it's a tribute innit and I'm not making money off it :)

(c) [link]

- Nov 22, 2012: Thanks to feedback on the blog I have changed (almost) all the BRIGHT WHITE backgrounds (#fefefe) to WHITE NOISE (tiled noisy white image). Hopefully easier on the eyes.
- Nov. 5, 2012: Improved toggle-on and summary menus.
© 2012 - 2021 bimsebasse
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Great work!! Looking nice. Can you make a dark version? Instead of white use black/dark shades. Also please create a GTK theme to go with it.
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Very nice theme! :)
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share the wallpaper pleeeease, I can't download it from anywhere :(
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Not available in better resolution unfortunately.
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I can't get this to 'apply'. Nothing happens...
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Will be featured here on Monday:


:peace: ;p
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Sounds good, thanks :)
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I've only just been linked to this, but it's fantastic! Excellent work
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Respect to theme such as, "gnome colors" "default mod" "energreen", when you open activities the animation is jerky. Another animation jerky is the extension of the volume when playing music but this could be due to the same extension.
From "top" is not any problem of cpu during animations.
Work with ubuntu 12.10 gnome flavor (or mix) with gnome 3.6.1.

p.s. I am very sorry not to be able to give better feedback.
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Hehe, don't be! I'm afraid I can't reproduce your issues on my laptop, though, no jerkiness here. Don't know why the theme is being a jerk on your machine.
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Beautiful theme. Compared to the original theme, animations are jerky. I hope you can solve.
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What animations, karmaline? I've carefully replicated the transition-durations of the website for all elements that support it. In Gnome shell, if your CPU is just slightly overworked, smooth transitions is the first thing to go out the window.
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Thanks, the new theme has solved my problems. problems which I had with some transitions are now gone and I can tell you that your theme is one of the best I've ever tried. Thank you for your work for the community. :)
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