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I hit 100 watchers last night! (103, to be exact =D)

That might not seem like a lot to some, but I am really excited about it! I want to do a feature to thank ALL of you!! So if any of you, my watchers, new or old, want to be included, please post a link to 2 of your deviations in the comments, and I will feature you here pretty soon!!!

I'm still going to do my normal 'My Watchers' feature right now, to thank the newest of the bunch =D


To ALL my watchers: Thank you so much for your continued favs and comments. It means a lot to me!!

Here's to say thanks to those of you who decide to watch me! I go through your gallery and pick my favorite photo/drawing/so on and so forth; and feature it here.

Sorry I don't know how to make this look pretty Sweating a little...

Check these people out, everyone!


The Human Elevation by PhotoshopArtDigital - PhotoshopArtDigital


Web by Alexey-Kljatov - ChaoticMind75


:thumb401680470: - x-xSpitFirex-x


Ladybug in dew by miirex - miirex


:thumb402585944: - tinusches


:thumb402931190: - DanielPaws


- John-Peter


:thumb397469600: - PhotographerMad


Blue-eyed green dragonfly by realTurtleNipple - realTurtleNipple


Leaf Beetle by Gabrielito41 - Gabrielito41


:thumb349503399: - surtea


Diptera by sebs88 - sebs88


So, thank you to everyone! I'm very pleased that you've all decided to watch me and I hope you continue to like my works! =D (Big Grin)

And don't forget, If any of you (my watchers, not just anyone who happens to see this lol) want to be included in my other feature, just give me a link to 2 of your deviations and it will get featured!!!


My memory card went bonkers and deleted some photos. Then the next time I put it in the computer, a noticed popped up that said there was some corrupted data and did I want to fix it. So I said yes, so on and so forth, it says it found some photos and moved it to a folder called 'Found'. Well, where the heck is this folder??? I can't find it! When my memory card is scanned, it says there are like 1,515 images... but all it shows is about 1,450. So I know that there are more photos on there somewhere. Help, anyone? It is a Kodak 16GB SD memory card.

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thank you for the feature.
Bimmi1111's avatar
You're welcome, thanks for watching me :)
Bimmi1111's avatar
Thank you... might just be a feature for you lol
JosieMichelleLoy's avatar

I'm cool with that lol! You can do more than 2 of my artwork ;)

Bimmi1111's avatar
I'll do the feature some time next week =D and you probably will be the only one in it since no one else wants to be included lol or I might put you on top with a little paragraph for you and then just add some more of my favorite favs so that it's a bigger feature I haven't decided yet =D
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:nod: thanks for watching
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You have such talented watchers! :la:
Hmm re: your problem: It sounds like it's a computer issue.  Did you do a search of your computer?
Bimmi1111's avatar
Thanks for looking!! and yes I've searched the computer for a folder named found... is there anywhere specific that you think it would be? But I'm pretty sure it's not the computer but the card... because the card says it has that many photos on other computers too... but I can't find this 'found' folder anywhere :(
Andaelentari's avatar
I feel like I should know this >>
ahhh that's so weird, I don't know what to say :(
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It's okay... I don't expect I'll ever find them. What sucks is I had so many on there that I'm not even sure what got deleted... so there could be a really good photo! Maybe I can take it to geek squad at best buy and ask them
Andaelentari's avatar
dang that's true haha
or you  could maybe try a support forum?  Some nerd on the internet might know :P
Bimmi1111's avatar
Yeah I'll look around and see if I can find anyone on the net that would know!
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Congratulations!!! :)
I hope you can fix problem and I'm sorry I can't help:(
Bimmi1111's avatar
Thanks so much =) I hope I can figure it out, too. I don't understand where the heck the photos are at. It's really odd!
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Thanks for your feature :D
Bimmi1111's avatar
You're welcome, thanks for watching :)
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Thank you for the Featured
Bimmi1111's avatar
You're welcome, thanks for watching me =)
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