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Name: Hannah
Nickname: Bim

Got my degree in animation/audiovisual design (which includes a bit of graphic design in general as well), now studying to become a math teacher.

Tagged by QingFey

001. Real name:

002. Nicknames:
 Han, Hans, Hansje, Hananas (the typical dutch nicknames), Bim/Bimmie

003. Zodiac sign:

004. Male or female: Female

005. Elementary: I don't really know, what's the question? You want a random fact? Here you go; When I was a little turd, I bite a child because he hit and kicked me all the time. Such wonderful time.

006. Middle school: When I was a slightly bigger turd, I never made my homework, and that never changed. 

007. High school: A black period in my life. Well, not really, but can't say I enjoyed it. 

008. Hair color: Brownish atm

009. Long or short: Middle I guess. It was very very long but I cut it off and donated it to make wigs out of it.

010. Loud or quiet: QUIET

011. Sweats or jeans: "Sweats" sounds gross (I know what it means but can't people come up with a better name?), I prefer pyjama pants.

012. Phone or camera: Camera. I hate making calls.

013. Health freak: Nahh. I'm not healthy anyway. I do eat healthy and I do not prefer greasy food.

014. Drink or smoke: None of the above. 

015. Do you have a crush on someone: Nope

016. Political orientation: I usually vote for the animal party, cause I think animals deserve better lifes.

017. Piercings: 7 in my ear

018. Tattoos: Soooon hopefully

Bullet; Green HAVE YOU EVER (BEEN IN): Bullet; Green 

019. Airplane: Yaas

020. Car accident: Nope

021. Fist fight: 3 years ago, I did not like, but did not hate it.

Bullet; Green FIRSTS:Bullet; Green 

022. Piercing: When I was 5 years old I guess? My first earrings.

023. Best friend: My cat *lays down*, I got one great friend from my graphic design school, made some amazing friends in math school, and the whole Stronk. All Stronkies are my besties :heart:

024. Instrument played: Guitar, a bit the piano, bass guitar, I want to learn how to play on the transverse flute (? is that even the right word?)

025. Award: I won a "You were right" award. Sad story though. 

026. Crush: None

027. Language: Dutch and English. Hopefully next year sign language

028. Big vacation: Nope, but next summer I can answer this question differently :D

Bullet; Green LASTS:Bullet; Green 

029. Person you talked to: My sister who just entered the room

030. Person you texted: The stronk I guess

031. Person you watched: My sister, because she walked in

032. Food you ate: Risotto with fish and lots of veggies

033. Movie you watched: Some weird thriller on rtl7

034. Song you listened to: Some song of Anouk (dutch singer)

035. Thing you bought: A cup of coffee at school

036. Person you hugged: MY CAT, my feline child.

Bullet; Green FAVES:Bullet; Green 

037. Food: My mom's lasagne

038. Drinks: Optimel limoen 

039. Clothing: My blue and white striped big-ass shirt

040. Book: The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime

041. Color: A bit greenish-blue

042. Flower: I am frickin allergic

043. Music: Bohemian Rhapsody and all kinds of old music

044. Movies: Disney/pixar shizzel is always good

045. Shoes: My boots and all stars

046. Subjects: Math *lays down*

Bullet; Green IN THE PAST YEAR, I...Bullet; Green 

047. ( ) Kissed in the snow 

048. ( ) Celebrated Halloween 

049. ( ) Had your heart broken 

050. ( ) Went over the minutes on your cell phone 

051. ( ) Someone questioned your sexual orientation 

052. ( ) Came outta the closet 

053. ( ) Gotten pregnant

054. ( ) Had an abortion

055. (X) Done something you've regretted (my life is one big regret) 

056. (X) Broke a promise (I never promise a thing anymore)

057. (X) Kept a secret (I'm good at keeping secrets)

058. (X) Pretended to be happy

059. ( ) Met someone who changed your life

060. ( ) Pretended to be sick

061. ( ) Left the country

062. ( ) Tried something you wouldn't normally like, and liked it 

063. ( ) Cried over the silliest thing 

064. ( ) Ran a mile 

065. (X) Went to the beach 

066. (X) Stayed single (forever single)

Bullet; Green CURRENTLY:Bullet; Green 

067. Eating: Nothing

068. Drinking: Nothing

069. Getting ready to: fail my exames

070. Listening to: the radio

071. Plans for tomorrow: Sleeping 

072. Waiting for: Nothing(?)

Bullet; Green YOUR FUTURE:Bullet; Green 

073. Want kids: Probably yes

074. Want to get married: Idk

075. Careers in mind: Illustrator/animator/math teacher/artist

Bullet; Green WHICH IS BETTER ON A BOY / GIRL:Bullet; Green 

076. Lips or eyes: Eyes

077. Shorter or taller: TALLER

078. Romantic or spontaneous: Idk, both?

079. Nice stomach or nice arms: Idk idk idk

080. Sensitive or loud: Not loud, but sensitive, not too sensitive plz

081. Hookup or relationship: Weird question, if you want to know what I prefer, relationship I guess? Idk

082. Troublemaker or hesitant: (why are these lists always so vague)

Bullet; Green HAVE YOU EVER:Bullet; Green 

083. Lost glasses/contacts: No, don't have them

084. Ran away from home: Yes when I was little, but never went further than the end of the street. Mom always knew where to find this little turd.

085. Held a weapon: Yes, a bow, sword, knives and a gun

086. Killed somebody: Ooooo nooo no no no, only a bug or fly or something, but no people nooo

087. Broken someone's heart: Don't think so?

088. Been arrested:  Nope

Bullet; Green DO YOU BELIEVE IN:Bullet; Green 

090. Yourself: Next question

091. Miracles: Nahh, miracles are a myth

092. Love at first sight:  Don't know, never been there

093. Heaven: Nope

094. Santa Claus: Never believed in santa

096. Magic: Nope

Bullet; Green ANSWER TRUTHFULLY:Bullet; Green 

097. Is there one person you wanna be with, right now: My cat, I'm freezing and that bastard is a little heater

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are, in life: Nope

099. Do you believe in God? Nope

100. Post as 100 truths and tag five people!

Not gonna tag someone

Next up, the OC fact list, cause I was tagged by Kurairo almost a month ago (I still don't know how this dA thing works with these weird notifications)


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melissa2611 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my lemur ik ken jou van heel vroeger (niet in real tho) xD. Ik wist niet dat je zo goed kon tekenen O_o
Bimmerd Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aah wat grappig! Neopets toevallig?
Ik heb een hoop bijgeleerd gelukkig, en de meeste werken hier zijn ook alweer 1 a 2 jaar oud (en dus zelfs al wat verouderd). Lief, dankjewel :D
melissa2611 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope haha, Howrse :p
Ik weet niet of je me ooit gekend hebt daar? Ik heet elissa2611, maar ben er niet echt meer actief xD

Ik wil nieuw werk zien :o
Bimmerd Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aah die naam klinkt wel bekend. Of ik ooit ook met je gebabbeld heb daar weet ik zo gauw even niet. Toevallig actief geweest in de tijd van het creatie ruimte topic?

m'n nieuwe werkjes staan alleen niet meer op deviantART. Misschien moet ik ooit maar eens wat uploaden hier 
(2 Replies)
Deltapotamus Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for the watch! ♥
DilophosaurusRex Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the Llama
EverbloomingForest Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
merry christmas! :xmas::heart::hug:
Bimmerd Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww thank you so much dear :iconletmehugyouplz: merry christmas to you as well :santa::la:
EverbloomingForest Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
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