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Fnaf 1 -sketch- by Bilztwing Fnaf 1 -sketch- :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 3 3 Wash by Bilztwing Wash :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 4 1 Promoting the store XD by Bilztwing Promoting the store XD :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 5 2 The K's by Bilztwing The K's :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 2 5 Having lunch by Bilztwing Having lunch :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 1 0 Blizt cosplay as Kido by Bilztwing Blizt cosplay as Kido :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 1 0
Cheonsa x Jeff the Killer : Shake it Off
Ah, the Creepypasta Mansion. Where all the Creepypastas stay from humans. Their lives are immortal and they cannot be killed because, they are Creepypasta. And killers.
They may look like freaks, creatures from a horror movie, your worst nightmares, the monsters under your bed, the monsters in your closet, in the shadows but no. The Creepypastas have feelings and they can have emotions. Who says they don't have? Who says they have no feelings? For those who says that, they thought wrong. These people do not know their past, their origin. They do not know they used to be one of them, a human, a fleshling. All blood, muscle and all sort of stuff that humans have. 
Where was I? Oh yes, back to the mansion. The Creepypasta Mansion has a lot of Creepypastas living there. As you all wonder, how do they cope with each other? To answer that, the other Creepypasta mingle with each other, making friends, do pranks with each other and have lots of fun and also... r
:iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 0 13
2P!America x Reader : Satan's Waterfall
"ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!" shouted (Name) as she kicked the backyard gate.
In the kitchen, Al and Matt flinched when they heard the backdoor was swung open violently. Oliver was hiding under the dining table to escape from (Name)'s wrath. Al and Matt ducked for cover as (Name) walked past them while muttering a few curses as she walk upstairs, to her room.
Once she was out of sight and hearing, everybody assembled at the kitchen. "Dude, did you see that?!" stuttered Al as he point where (Name) kicked the backdoor. Matt gulped. "Y-yeah..."
This isn't the first time they encounter (Name)'s wrath of hell. Firstly, when they encounter her wrath, she almost burn the house down. They were shocked because (Name) is a quiet, kind and gentle girl but today... She was not that gentle anymore but violent (Name).
Francois came in. He noticed the mess that (Name) had made few minutes ago. He sighed. "C
:iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 14 11
Charlotte [2014 version] + Random Sketch by Bilztwing Charlotte [2014 version] + Random Sketch :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 2 0 K OC Project Contest -Draw Admin OC- by Bilztwing K OC Project Contest -Draw Admin OC- :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 4 22 Chibi Charlotte UpGrade (New Version of Charlotte) by Bilztwing Chibi Charlotte UpGrade (New Version of Charlotte) :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 2 8 Bored... by Bilztwing Bored... :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 4 3 AmeViet by Bilztwing AmeViet :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 1 0 #FAILSATSHADE by Bilztwing #FAILSATSHADE :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 1 3 LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF WORK! by Bilztwing LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF WORK! :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 2 2 Im back by Bilztwing Im back :iconbilztwing:Bilztwing 2 10


Relax by Ask-Lovi-Ninjago Relax :iconask-lovi-ninjago:Ask-Lovi-Ninjago 1 2
Wounds of Future Past [Archer]
The sense of familiar arms around her.
A cry of despair.
Wet warmth against her fingertips.
"Don’t cry… I loved you with all my heart…"

She felt a sharp jolt of pain in her chest. Again. She couldn’t figure out what was happening to her. The searing sensation in her heart interrupted her daily life again and again. And it was getting worse by the day. Am I dying? The pain disappeared in seconds, replaced by the urge to run. I have to go! Go where? What’s wrong with me?
The sense of familiar arms around her.
A cry of despair.
Wet warmth against her fingertips.

The images came crushing like waves against the walls of her mind.
“Don’t cry… I loved you with all my heart…” she whispered to the wind. I’m going crazy. She was having these visions since the pain had started. During the day, like mirages; during the night, like dreams. Fl
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 66 15
Unravel (Archer x Reader)
There was a reason why she would not sleep in front of anyone. Whenever she was unconscious, not only was she vulnerable but she would also show a part of her she wanted no one to see. The constant nightmares. The crying, the screaming. The way her body would tremble. To display how fragile, how easily scared she had been was a thought she could not bear. There are parts of her no one has the right to know, because it’s hers alone.
That night was no different from the previous ones. It would start with a quiet mumbling, disconnected words that had no meaning to others outside her mind. Soft cries would then scape her parted lips, and not too long after tears would roll down her face. The sobs would start, her body would tremble. Sometimes none of those things happened, but she would be woken by her own screams. Yet, she did not know what she was so afraid of. It had been getting worst for some time now and it was driving her insane.
Before, when he was there, she would wake up to
:iconjennycolt:JennyColt 96 35
In the Middle of the Battlefield [Lancer]
In the middle of the battlefield, doused in the bloodbath, his love spread its wings to envelop her.
In the middle of the battlefield, buried under the corpses of enemies and allies, her hope found its haven in him.
I was blessed to have met her. I was blessed to have her as my master. I was blessed to have her.
And the night before the final clash, they dove into their ideal world, casting rules and logic away. They shared their emotions, found consolation in each other’s bodies, defying laws of nature and restrictions of the War. Surpassing their forged relationship, they became one; one soul shared in two bodies, never to be separated again.
In the middle of the battlefield, dressed in the mantle of their love, they faced their last challenge.
In the middle of the battlefield, strengthened by their bond, they put their destiny to test.
I was blessed to have met her. I was blessed to have her as my lover. I was blessed to have her.
And as the wheel of fate turned,
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 53 16
Archer (Gilgamesh) x reader
                   Archer (Gilgamesh) x reader
                  You are Archer’s new master but weirdly you are not in the Holy Grail War as far as you know. Your name is ___________ Light, you never summoned a servant. But here is Archer, he doesn’t go anywhere without you or when you go somewhere he follows you. You don’t have any command signs on your hands or anywhere on you, but Archer is still attached to you.
                “Um….. Archer.” __________ says looking at him laying on your bed. “Yes __________, oh and you may call me Gilgamesh instead of Archer.” He says smiling at ____________. “Ok Gilgamesh I was wondering how you got here and stuff.” You say looking at him. “Well I came here to help protect you __________ also the gods where I was told me to come and help you and
:iconkanaichi:Kanaichi 75 39
Command Seals (Gilgamesh x Reader x Archer)Part IV

Part IV: The Decision
"Gilgamesh?! YOU FUCKING SCARED ME" you scolded him. He didn't say anything at all.
"And stop calling him a faker!! He has proven himself to be a better Servant than you! What have you done so far huh? All you do is rest, drink and oppose me! How about you go and show us your all mighty power instead of badmouthing Archer?" You didn't want to do so but something inside you was causing you to be this aggressive...Usually you would have ignored him or Archer but now...
Gilgamesh gave you an expression which you couldn't read at all. And just like that he disappeared , leaving golden dust behind him.
"UUUUUGGGGHHH WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME TODAY?" You said kneeling down in despair. You didn't recognise yourself today.
"Yes master. Everything is going according to plan..." reported an unknown figure who was watching you
:iconboke-senpai:boke-senpai 21 12
Command Seals(Gilgamesh x Reader x Archer)Part III


Part III: Feelings


"I-I am fine, just a little tired" you assured them with a weak smile. "I better go res-" you felt the world around you collapse but right before it was in ruins, you sensed a pair of strong and muscled arms wrap around you.Your face was now leaning against a warm build up chest. You could fall asleep in this embrace right away but you wished to identify the man by your side.
"(Y/n) can you hear me?" you heard again this time a calming voice even though it was tensed. It was Archer's. He brought his hand on your face cupping your cheek, never letting go of your waist. He lifted your head and then a soft pair of lips were planted on your forehead.
"You are warm" was the last thing you heard befo
:iconboke-senpai:boke-senpai 26 14
Command Seals (Gilgamesh x Reader x Archer)Part II

Part II: The Clash


"I am your Servant, Archer class. Although I can't say I am really pleased with my master" he informed you as he brought his hand on his hip turning around to face you.
"It worked?" you thought out loud completely ignoring his comment.
He raised his eyebrow weirded out by your words.
"Wha-?" he stopped and his attention was shifted up, to the sky. Out of a sudden, a few swords were thrown with force at Archer.
"Archer!!!" you shouted worried for your new Servant...
"You called?...mongrel" said a familiar voice behind you.  You were shocked to realise who it was.  You looked over your shoulder only to see Gilgamesh in his golden armor.
"Gilgamesh?" you called out his name confused "What are you doing here?"
"I felt your presence disappearing so I rushed to help a weak mongrel like you" he explained.
"I don't need your h
:iconboke-senpai:boke-senpai 48 16
Command Seals (Gilgamesh x Reader x Archer) Part I

                                             Part I: The Summoning  

For the elements, silver and iron
For the foundation, stone and the Archduce of Contracts
For the ancestor, my great master, Schweinorg
Close the gates to the cardinal directions
Come forth from the Crown, and follow the forked road leading to the Kingdom
Fill, fill, fill, fill, fill
Repeat five times
But when each is filled, destroy it
Heed my words
My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny
If you heed the Grail's call and obey my will and reason, then answer me
I hereby swear...
That I shall be all the good in the world
You seven heavens, clad in the three great words of power,
come forth from the circle of binding
Guardian of the Scales!

"Yosh! It's done" you admire
:iconboke-senpai:boke-senpai 51 9
Assassin x reader PERVERT!
Oh! I guess your probably wondering why, you're screaming at the top of your lungs right now? Well you see your little friend assassin kinda... well pretty much stole your clothes right off your body!
So.. your pretty much standing in the middle of an abandoned temple in only your undergarments. So are you all filled in now with the situation!? Good i'm glad, it is my job as a narrator to fill you in on drastic news!
Well, (Y/n) looks like we have to get back to the story now don't we?
"THIS is so embarrassing right now!"
"Hush, (y/n) your so loud!"
Assassin appears out of the corner of the temple with well I can surely tell you right now not your clothes.
"A little birdie like you shouldn't be this loud (y/n)."
You give your well not so friend during this situation a wtf face and started to make your way
:iconanimegirllolz:animegirlLOLZ 30 4
Gilgamesh x reader Stupid games
     "I AM NOT PLAYING YOUR STUPID GAMES GILGAMESH!" you scream starting to get really annoyed. "But why _________ it will be so much fun!" Right now your boyfriend or so called "king" as he would like to call it. Wanted you to play a game where he is the "king" and you are the so called "queen" and you run around the "castle" (aka your house) and the "queen" hides somewhere. But if the "king" finds the "queen". The "queen" would have to do ANYTHING what the "king" says.
     "I already see what's going to happen Gilgamesh!" you say giving him a annoyed look. "What will exactly happen _______?" he asks with a devious smirk on his face." After I hide your going to find me in a instant and drag me to your room and make me wear the STUPID outfit!" "Stupid! _______ my dear that outfit has been made for you personally by my MANY maids." he says. "GIL YOUR DRESSING ME UP IN YOUR ARMOR!" "Its not MY armor its yours." he says back. You scoff and go to your shower.
:iconanimegirllolz:animegirlLOLZ 53 10
Gilgamesh x Mute! Reader
"What am I doing?" I'm so pathetic...
You think to yourself while slowly dying underneath a cherry blossom tree.
You stare blankly at the pinkish sunset before you, your eyes slowly becoming heavy.
Your vision blurry, and salty tears streaming down your face. You can taste the metallic of your own blood. Breathing heavily, not able to cry out for help.
Not able to move.
Not able to breath.
Right before you couldn't take this pain anymore.
You took one huge breath in taking all the oxygen you will ever have for the final moments of your life.
But, right before that all happened you felt a cold hand covering your eyes from seeing anything.
"What do we have here?"
You then black out...
"Kill them Berserker!"
You stare frightened at the sight before you a giant, huge muscled, and vicious monster running towards you. You were helpless
:iconanimegirllolz:animegirlLOLZ 69 17
Gilgamesh x Reader: I always get what I want
"Leaving already?" the blonde man smirks. Sitting on your bed is the one and only Gilgamesh, drinking wine gracefully from a golden cup. Honestly, the arrogant king really is becoming a nuisance. 
With your back towards the man you don't bother looking at him as you reply with a hmph! "You're really starting to get on my nerves!" you shout, as you grab a spoon on the wooden desk nearby and pivot your body to spear the object at his face. To your dismay--yet to your expectation--he stopped the spoon with just his pointer finger and thumb, his features showing no surprise, as he did not even blink. How you wish you had at least a fork, or better yet a knife, to throw at his face. Maybe then he'd at least flinch. 
"I see." A wide sinister grin slowly spread across his face. "You dare to disobey me," he chuckles. "Very well. You may be stubborn, but that obstinate nature of yours intrigues me." His goblet of wine dissipates into the air. He rises from the bed and makes his
:iconharuhifujiokasenpai:HaruhiFujiokaSenpai 169 13
Lancer x reader fishing for you
You waited patiently outside the fuyuki church waiting for your blue haired friend to emerged from inside.
You began to start grow impatient for him to come outside, soooooooo you kinda went inside yourself.
When you walked in you found the priest kirei kotomine standing by the podieum reading the bible.
"Um Kirei do you know where Lancer is?" you ask.
"No I don't (y/n)" after saying that he smiles his devilish smile.
"Oh...ok...." creepppppppyyyyy
"Lancer!" you cry.
"Where is he!!"
Kirei sneaks up behind you and tells you "I believe he told me he was going to the port"
So after about fifteen minutes scolding kirei about sneaking up behind people is wrong. You began to make your way to the port.
Passing through the streets of Tokyo seeing many cute clothing stores you had to pry yourself down to stop yourself from buying things.
"(y/n) get it together were looking for Lancer....!"
You go through the park, the restaurant district, and
:iconanimegirllolz:animegirlLOLZ 39 6
Lancer X Reader
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, he keeps getting hurt."
"Hmm… that IS odd. He's never like that."
"What should I do?"
"Just keep all dangerous items out of his way."
"I don't think I can move the floor."
"Well, I have to go. Just do your best to keep Lancer from hurting himself as best as you can."
Saber hung up on you.
'Oh great.' Your best friend, Lancer, was never this clumsy before and he hurt himself at least ten times a day. This all started about a week ago. Not knowing what to do, you called your other friend, Saber, to see if she could help.
You rushed over to the closet where Lancer had been getting the wrapping paper for your friend, Waver's present – it was his birthday the next day.
You saw that Lancer was rubbing the back of his head.
"I'll go get an icepack."
You headed into the kitchen, took one from the icebox, and wrapped it up in a paper towel, gently pressing it against his head.
"Thanks again, (y/n). I don't know what I'd do without you."
:iconorewadoitsu:OreWaDoitsu 60 6
00:13 AM (An Alter Cuchulain x Reader)
Author's Note: This fan fiction is dedicated to my friend, debstiny on Twitter! I've dedicated two of my fan fictions to her, and she gave me an idea to make another one! I hope you're going to like this one, Deb!
You were amidst an unclear yet blissful dream when you heard a soft whimper inside of your private room. The said dream immediately vanished, your eyes meeting the dimly lit ceiling. You pushed the covers away, sitting up as you gently rubbed your eyes. You yawned softly before adjusting your eyes to the darkness of your room. You looked to your right, seeing that the futon beside you was empty and messy. You quickly turned on the lamp on your bedside table, seeing the silhouette of Alter Cu's curled up torso, alarming you that someone must have broken inside of your room.
    You quickly stepped off the bed and opened the lights, earning a lengthy hiss from your servant. He curled up even more, glaring at you as you stared
:iconlasergunsandtacos:LaserGunsandTacos 16 1


:iconjeff-x-cheonsa-fans: :iconrobotcombatleague-fc:



Lately, Im not active. Im currently active on Wattpad and Tumblr. These two are my fav app/website to go to when Im bored. 

Why am I not active as I do in my previous years? Well, I have SPM. Sadly, I hav to pass the exam to enter college, university, etc. Its a must - from my parents - to not play my phone or my laptop. BUT! After the exam ends, which ends at 30th November. I will get myself a PS Vita (hav to ask my dad as an early Christmas Present) and somewhere in the middle of month, December, I will go to London as holiday and spending Christmas there as well. 

And yeah, I will update myself on the fanfics that I wrote in Wattpad and hopefully, try to draw again and maybe post it here than Tumblr or Instagram. Feel free to leave a comment by, I will reply when I am free from SPM. If I do must say, I kinda envy my seniors who are free and well. 

In the month of December, there has this event called,' Comic Fiesta '. Malaysian Otakus know it, Malaysian Cosplayers know it. Malaysians etc know it. I know it cuz' I've been there. Last year. It was the best memory I had. There were artist (who were from DA and Tumblr) sell their merc; doujinshis, keychains, posters, etc of their fav game/anime/movie. They were kind but the cosplayers were another story. There were a lot of cosplayers from different anime/game/movie. It was a memorable sight. Yeah, I am a cosplayer and it was hard for me to get into the character but I can manage it. 

Anyways, this is a short freedom of using my laptop - for a while that is. I will see you guys at the month of December. 

*P.S: ' SPM' , if you wanna know what is is. Go Google it. Its a Malaysian Exams. 
  • Listening to: MMD Touken Ranbu or MMD Hetalia
  • Reading: *studying*
  • Playing: Touken Ranbu
  • Drinking: Just plain water, H2O


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