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Another year in the books, and it was a doozy for many... good riddance, 2020! :faint:

2020 was a rollercoaster, but we did have a number of positive things to reflect on for the year including...

  • We refinanced our house (how boring and adult, I know)

  • Saw the AWESOME Comet Neowise

  • Went on a backpacking trip to the Wind River Range

  • @JupiterLily and I celebrated our 4th anniversary

  • I picked up a new hobby (any other disc golfers out there??)

  • Chased LOTS of storms

  • A bunch of things I'm forgetting...

Anyway, hopefully we can all move forward into 2021 and strive for a better year. No fancy specific resolutions from me, but you can bet I'll be out there taking pictures, video, timelapses... and never getting around to posting them ^^; Alright, maybe one resolution starting with posting a few new photos. The 2021 "DakotaScapes" calendar is available for anyone who hasn't seen it yet! Since those images are all processed up to print quality, I'll probably actually get them all loaded onto DA as well as into FineArtAmerica. For a preview of the images, look below!

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 9.15.57 PM

I'm currently working on a little Year-In-Review video featuring lots of storm clips. Anyone else have any fun projects in the works for this year? :)

Stay healthy and stay safe!


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Hey everyone!

It's been a busy year here in South Dakota. @JupiterLily and I have been slowly improving our house, working, and of course getting out to enjoy the Black Hills whenever time allows. Which if you're curious, you can actually view some of our hiking shenanigans here! We also snuck down to Colorado to buy a vehicle I've had my eye on for quite a while, a 1966 International Harvester Scout 800. Once she's running a little more reliably I'm sure I'll have more photos to share! Right now I'm cutting a video for YouTube sharing our trip down to Colorado to check out the Scout as well as some Colorado scenery...

Doing video production at work every day has had me leaning more into that sphere than photography as of late, but I did still manage to get out and take enough photos to fill a calendar with! You can grab that on for $14.99 here and be sure to keep an eye out for any shipping specials they have going on! I'll get all of those submitted to dA in due time, and perhaps the videos as well if there's any interest :)

I've definitely been more active on Facebook and YouTube than dA over the last year but don't worry, I'll always come back here to check in with everyone! Since I met my wife and some of my best friends through deviantArt it would seem a waste to ever go truly dormant :P

Anywho, what's new with everyone else? What do you want to see from me next? Snowflakes, lightning, general life updates? I've got terabytes of photos sitting here and am taking requests =D

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Hey everyone! :wave: Some exciting news this evening, finally got through a bunch of images and put together a calendar for 2019! :camera: This calendar includes a little bit of everything, from some of my favorite macro snowflakes to the best storms and landscapes of the year. I'll be submitting each monthly image individually, but in the meantime, enjoy grabbing yours with a nice discount by clicking here!

CalendarBack by FramedByNature

CalendarFront by FramedByNature

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! :hug:
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Hey everyone, been a while since I actually wrote a journal entry so figured I was about due! If you follow the photos, then you already know that I relocated to Rapid City, South Dakota for work. I'm working full-time with an in-house marketing team for a couple car dealerships in town. I get to shoot video and stills of vehicles in the Black Hills and Badlands... rough work!

20369012 1619790358054019 9183080042316442755 O by FramedByNature

And most recently, my wife JupiterLily and I purchased our first home. So we've gone the whole 9 yards from meeting through deviantArt to getting married and buying a house together.

EvanSarahHouseb by FramedByNature

Outside of that, I've been busy with work! We try to hike when we can but lately the majority of our free time has been taken up with house projects, hence the inconsistent deviation uploads (speaking of which, did dA change their compression settings? Things used to be sharp and are now... not-sharp :hmm: )

Anyway, although I haven't had much time to sit and process photos I've still been taking them, so I've got lots to share :nod: And winter is just kicking in hear so after a fantastic season of fall colors in the Black Hills, I'm looking forward to shooting some snowflakes :snowflake:

But enough about me, what's new with you? =D
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Hey everyone! Happy to say that I got quite a few "keeper" images from our recent trip to Colorado, and a lot of great memories (more on that later). Decided to extend the sale through Saturday in case anyone wants to get their hands on some of my new images, which I just posted on my Facebook page :)

$35 gets you an 18x12 of any of the images below (or literally any other image in my gallery!) signed and shipped straight to your door. Shipping is free for US residents.

Send me a note or comment with what you want by Saturday! :la: :hug:

IMG 8447b by FramedByNature

IMG 0049b by FramedByNature

IMG 0064b by FramedByNature

IMG 8542b by FramedByNature

IMG 9901b by FramedByNature

IMG 9804b by FramedByNature

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