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Han Solo Nerf Blaster Repaint by billythebrain Han Solo Nerf Blaster Repaint by billythebrain
Saw this Han Solo Nerf gun in Toys R Us and I knew I had to repaint it. The sculpt is pretty close to screen accurate, if a little bulky in places to make room for the "darts".

I took the whole thing apart, sprayed the body with black Ultracover 2x and the barrel with silver of the same brand.
I painted the grips in acrylic with a brush. I probably did 3 or 4 lots of dry brushing in various shades of brown.
I dry brushed the black portions of the gun with silver acrylic and used shoe polish to dirty up the silver barrel.
Once assembled I hit the whole thing with hairspray to seal and even it out. I did maybe 3 or 4 passes over the grips so they were much glossier than the body of the gun (though the photo doesn't really show it).

Oh, I had to sand off the embossed Star Wars text before I did any of this. As well as removing a bunch of the guts/mechanism and super gluing any moving parts (I don't want this to fire as any moving parts will rub the paint off.

I had great fun doing this and I'm now looking at getting Rey's blaster to repaint.

The Nerf sculpts are pretty damn good. Very well put together, but come apart nicely for modding.

Here's the blaster on Hasbo's page…
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April 3, 2016
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