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Metroid II Final Boss HD

Here it is.

The follow prequel wallpaper to my Super Metroid Final Boss HD wallpaper.

I had planned to make this wallpaper soon after making the Super Metroid Final Boss picture, but my PC started getting slow I was unable to do much of anything on photoshop.

I've got a new PC and.... finally here it is!

I tried to stick with making the Queen look like the sprite has best has I could while adding loads of details.

I almost went the opposite route with Samus there and tried to give a minimalist flavor to her suit and only doing details that really stood out on the sprite. I made her hand canon open like so simply because I like that particular design plus it was like that in the original Japanese commercial. (And yes that is drool on Samus she's already been inside the Queens stomach I guess...)

Overall I'm happy with the results. I tried to avoid making the background to busy like the Super Metroid one.

Now I do have an idea for the next picture I'll be doing...yes it's Metroid.

While I've thought for awhile now about doing Kraid but most recently I've decided to do another boss which seems almost ignored in the fanart department. So look forward to that.

Here's a stylish Gameboy version: [link]

Samus and Metroid are copyright to Nintendo
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A wonderful art!