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August 26, 2010
The suggester said: "The moment I laid eyes on Future Face 3 by ~biz02 I knew it was something special. The painting aspect of it is very well executed, and its composition gives it this really appealing poster feel. The overall form and the details inside make an amazing piece, my favorite from the artist's "Future Face" series."
Featured by Norke
Suggested by vitzzz
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Future Face 3

Face done in Painter, inside of face done in Photoshop

BUY PRINTS --> [link]
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Oh!! I love this Future Face series!! I tried many times to draw an expanded roboto fact, but its so impossible for me... now that Ive seen this set, why even bother??! =D=D=D
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It's beautiful!  I love it!
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Really really cool! I like how you decided to leave a section of the cheek with the bottom part, adds more depth to the piece! :)
Totally Amazing,very creative
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Very good work :O_o:
I am recommending in my newspaper [link] ;P
Wow!!! there is no words for this!
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featured in my journal :) great work
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this is beautiful
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This is awesome.
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..Woah. Really makes you stop and look at this. Nice job!
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i am truly in awe. incredible!
great work, I am currently experimenting with the effect of colors and shapes on the mind ( aka, putting all my friends through a rorshach test of paintings, thank goodness my friends are patient people ) and I was looking at this peace. The ribbons/ wires coming out are interesting, it appears that u just used bkue and red, and against the black background they have a sense of fluid order. they are clean and smooth, yet their order inspires a sense of "secure" chaos. And I personally find the whole image to be peaceful, yet at the same time energetic. great work. absolutely beautifull
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may i please feature this work on my "Hope's BestofDeviant" page? all credit is given to the artist with a link back to your profile.


feel free to check out the page first to see how it will be displayed.

things are not always posted right away, but you will receive a message the day it does post.

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Wow, so amazing. And congrats on the DD!
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too cool : ) reminds me of an anatomy book. very well done!
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