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Sunderance Act 2 - Chapter 02 - Cover

...Soon! (Probably next week)

Thanks for all the support, guys!

I know in the eyes of some the last chapter was a bit of a slog, but it still turned out well I think. Rick's doing a good job on the art and is getting better every week!

So stick around for the next chapter of Sunderance! Which will have a 100% more Finnick, 100% more antics, 60% more Wildhopps, 75% less clothing, and... Maybe 90% more dialog?

Something like that. ;)

Story by :iconkulkum:Kulkum

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CraxyD's avatar

What's Fennec doing with Jessica Rabbit?

Cambion-Hunter's avatar

And Finnick makes a comeback. B-)

Shadowthebest's avatar

Finnick gets a different outfit?

raffvantye's avatar

Don't know if i would call it a 'Slog' as you put it, but was one hell of an incredibly detailed fight scene. . . and was thoroughly enjoyed.

FormerOppoment's avatar

Ohooohh man, it's about to get spicy.

InTheLionsDen's avatar

I like the cut of those figures. Sounds like something to look forward to.

KenNan73888's avatar

I’m dreaming if that‘s Gazelle.

BillyBobBaggyBottom's avatar

Well, I did base the legs on her design, but it's not necessarily her. I just needed some long legs for the composition.

Yoshifan30's avatar

Oh it's finnick and gazlle

BillyBobBaggyBottom's avatar

You are half right. ;)

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