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The CellBurger Animated 360

If anyone recognizes one of these, it’s probably due to the movie Juno, but truth be told, credit for this project goes to the old Nickelodeon movie, Goodburger.

A while ago I found the site Shut Up & Take My Money, which is basically a product directory of geeky stuff for sale across various websites. Among other things, I decided to impulse-buy a novelty landline phone shaped like a cheese burger (only $4 at the time, significantly more now). The idea to mod it into a mobile phone came from the realization that I haven’t needed a landline phone in like 8 years.

Digging through a box of my old flip-phones, I settled on a Samsung SGH-A517, which had the largest keypad (which would better fill the hole left by the cheese burger’s original number pad). Taking a look at the compilation of progress shots (linked below), I went to town on it with a Dremel drill, cutting out holes for the number pad, a big hole for the screen, and chipping away at various pieces on the interior to get the cables to fit better. I used a square of 1/8" sheet plastic for the screen guard, filled the holes and gaps using Sugru, a putty-like material I won in a contest on Instructables.

To cover the messy seams around the keypad and screen, I decided the hamburger could use some condiments. Using some old sticker paper we had lying around, I made lettuce and tomato textures in photoshop and cut the pieces to fit around the keypad and screen, and voila! The lettuce was a pain in the ass to cut out, I had to do it with a pen-knife to get around all those tiny corners…

Additionally, I hacked together a couple of USB cables to convert the original phone’s proprietary port to a more standard Micro-B USB port (on the side of the bottom bun).

The only pieces of the original phone I couldn't incorporate into the final CellBurger were the camera button and side volume buttons. I had originally wanted to cut a little hole in the meat under the hinge for the camera, but the cable for the camera was so short there was no way to really incorporate it into the burger’s shell, and I couldn’t find an affordable method to extend it...

Overall, the CellBurger measures 4.25" (10.8cm) wide X 4.25" (10.8cm) deep X 2.5" (6.4cm) high, which makes it a little impractical to carry around without either a purse or very large cargo pockets. It’s got a 2gb microSD card, is Bluetooth ready, and has a 262k color display at a whopping 1.4 inches (220x176 pixels), all of which was pretty standard for a phone released back in 2007.

In total, the whole project only ran me about $15.

The CellBurger Still Shots

The CellBurger Animated 360

The CellBurger In-The-Making
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