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Portal Security Camera pgs 1-2

Assembled Pictures

PDO of Pieces (PePaKuRa File)

If you can't figure out how to download this file, refer to this One-Step How-To Guide

Have you built this or one of my other models? Feel free to let me know how hard you thought they were!
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hi could you give a link to the design but with everything a little darker iv put in a new ink cartridge be I cant even see all the outlines on the first page
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I'm probably gonna make this, put it somewhere in my room, and then regret my choices in the middle of the night.
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There is a problem with me printing the first page ; - ; It goes from the top down, but it's like the tab on top repeats and the red lense never gets printed ; - ;
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hmmm, sounds like either your pdf is corrupted (try re-downloading), or there is a problem with your printer
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It's fine now :D thx (EPIC PAPERCRAFT BTW)
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Hey, I like this version really. :D I tried it, it was the first time I made papercraft -> [link] It's not as nice as yours and my camera isn't the best, too, but I think it went out well. :>
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I'm loving this. I've cut it all out, and creased all the folds . . . . and now I realize that I have no glue whatsoever, and tape would only ruin it. Now I have to wait until I can go to the store. :[
P.S. Section F is evil. It fills my soul with frustration and hate. But somehow I still love the whole thing!
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great to hear! let me know how it turns out!
I got some glue!\(^.^)/
But now, well, on one hand I have a cool security camera replica. On the other, my older sister now thinks that I have no life. Ah well, it's cool anyways. Even section F.
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Could you make it "bigger"?

For some strange reason, I want about 10 of these, all life-size (or close to it.)
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I want to do this, but I have no idea on how to assemble it... I've done things like this before, but they had instructions...

Basically, I'm just really confused.
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There aren't any written instructions for it, but the PePaKuRa model file (PDO) is included (see the description of the 'Assembled' deviation). Read the "PePaKuRa" section of this to see how to use it: [link]
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That looks very informative, thank you
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cool! ima download
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What program do I need to open this? I don't have any that can open/read it. I really wanna try making this.
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this is just an adobe PDF, you can open it with any free PDF reader. if you're talking about the pepakura PDO file, use pepakura viewer
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Oh! Okay, I'll try getting the Adobe reader.
I did it! It's got a light and hinges. Link
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I Wouldn't Have The Patience To Do This :XD: It Would Probably Rip Anyway!
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haha, i'm not going to do this, but somebody should cut a hole in the red part and put a red led on it so that it glows X3

but i'm going to do the craft, of course :)
the turret I was working on didn't work out, so i'm trying something more simple >:
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hehe so many have attempted the mighty turret, yet few succeed ;) i'd love to see pics of this one when it's done
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