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Minecraft Map

I originally intended this to be a quick image done in maybe a day or so, just something to give my friends and I a better idea of how much we've actually done on this one map. But every time I sat down to work on it, I came up with another little idea I wanted to include; make a high-res version, sort items by category and give them varying icons! Put it all in a flash app!

I'm a little reluctant to admit how much time I actually put into this... go big or go home, I suppose…

I’m still very much a n00b when it comes to flash and action script, so the code (and overall design) is more than a little sloppy… but whatever, it works. I’d still like to be able to get it to keep center while zooming though; the way it works right now is not by moving the stage, but by scaling the image. I’ll need to come up with a system that pans it while zooming…

Update 2013-06-13:
Fixed embedded fonts! Much harder than it should have been...
Added a few new locations
Added the northwest snow region to the high-res map

Also, for some reason the fonts in the bubbles aren't embedding correctly... have to fix that later...
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That is really cool!
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great work, for some reason i like more the 8-bit version.
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it was actually pretty hard to get a clean picture of the low-res map, while the 360 does support submitting pictures to facebook, they're very low quality. i had to just take a picture of my tv and clean it up in photoshop
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Very nice :D
Me and my friend have map that is mostly tundra/taiga
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the 360 maps are pretty small, but are usually pretty well divided up among the biomes... except mushroom, seems like half the time they're either incredibly small islands or not present at all
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Mushroom biomes seem to only exist as islands. Though in the computer they are much bigger.
And I suppose that makes sense. The terrain generator can get kinda carried away with the amount of room it's given. XD
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Wow, looks like you guy put a lot of effort in your Minecraft Map ^^

Maybe you should get one of these :D
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would've loved to, but we actually built on the 360, and there's no support for it
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Oh, I see.
Well, you still hava a kickass self made map here and that's even more awesome anyway :la:
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