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Headcrab Mask PDF pgs 1-26

Technically it's 27 pages, but the first is just a note, so... yea.

Assembled Images

PePaKuRa PDO's

If you can't figure out how to download this file, refer to this One-Step How-To Guide

Have you built this or one of my other models? Feel free to let me know how hard you thought they were!
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Thank you so much for this work! You literally help me to make one of my dreams come true))) Small dream, but still :))) That's just awesome Christmas present for me! I'll have my own headcrab! :D

So do you just use standard A4 paper? Does it have to be particularly thick?
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Can you tell me how to get a fol-line reference? Because I don't know which parts to fold in, and what parts to fold out.
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Yeah but the paper craft doesn't have any creasing lines.
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This is amazing! Superb work, love it!

This sorts out my Halloween costume!

One questions though (and sorry if it's already in the instructions) but what size paper did you use for it to be able to fit on a head? Just A4?
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typical 8x11, yep
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Many thanks :D
Will let you know if it turns out any good xD
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I saw the assembled immages.....RIPPIN!!!

Ps. I may not have ever played Half-Life but I think head crabs are soo cool! I got introduced to them by a L4D comic. XD
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:D yeaaa this one a fun one to do
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i am so gonna make this. perfect for my sergon's hands
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I love your 3d paper models and appreciate that you reveal all your plans online for others to try, but I was wondering if you would mind ever making a tutorial on the design process that you go through when you determine how the faces will fold and be glued together. Or do you think thats something people just gotta figure out on their own?
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Mmm, it's not really something I could easily explain, half the crap I do at this point is just learned instinct
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That's fine. I saw a user's deviation in your favorites who happens to do the same sort of 3d paper modelling as you and they happen to have a tutorial, so you helped after all!
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can't you just link us to a site where we can download teh pdf? its so much easier for me xD
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hit the big "download" button on this page...
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this is only showing me page 14
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clear you cache and re-download it, it works fine for me
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when i downloaded it it only showed page 14
Read billybob's tutorial or whatever on papercraft. He has a FAQ and list of paper thicknesses. ..Anyways, I'm currently in the process of building the alien blaster. (It's really cool) I want to try this one next.
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you should post this as a reply to him, he won't get notified if it's a comment to me...
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