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Great Mighty Poo PDF pgs 1-6

Assembled Images

PDF of Instructions

If you can't figure out how to download this file, refer to this One-Step How-To Guide

Have you built this or one of my other models? Feel free to let me know how hard you thought they were!
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Looks a little complicated, but I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Thank you!

now I can't help myself...
"I am the great mighty poo
and I'm going to throw my s**t at you,
a huge supply of tish
comes from my chocolate starfish,
how about some scat you little t**t?"

i regret nothing.
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Make it from Live and Reloaded! Good luck! you are gonna need It...

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you are my hero. This is awesome.
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for some reason I can't seem to download PDFs on dA anymore. Is there a rapidshare backup for him or anything because my fiancee loves The Great Mighty Poo and I think it would be great to make him this.
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not that I know of, its small enough for me to email it if you'd like, send ur email in a note or something
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I can\'t make it work because of that icon
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Hit download, upper left corner
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oh....but page 1,2,and 3 won't print
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hello!!! i make my coment of this in the "finished" model.

The reason for this post is asking "How do you PDFs for the pieces? Because they always do my models in jpg format, but now I am doing a model that requires more than 1 sheet of paper, so I believe that it would be better to publish it in pdf.

Thanks in advance.

(sorry for the english, google-translated-text)
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If you mean printing PDF's, you need Adobe Acrobat. If you mean making PDF's, I use MS Word; put the images into a word document, and it can convert the document into a PDF
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ok!!! thxs, i try it!!! very thxs!!! :D
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where do you get all the models to do these things?! Love them so far, lol. this one in particular looks fun
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